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In regards to FP in RotHc

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01.29.2013 , 04:23 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Creslan View Post
I feel the same way concerning BIS Armorings, Implants, Earpieces, Hilts and Barrels. I feel that Mods and Enhancements should be allowed to a limited extent, but the armorings, hilts, barrels need to stop. You need a reason to run the Operations, at its current state there is no reason to run TFB hardmode gearwise, everything can be purchased from the GTN.
Not everyone has the credits required to buy everything from the GTN. Most people run TFB HM to get geared (especially with the armorings) and purchase only a handful of mods from the GTN.

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01.29.2013 , 09:04 AM | #12
yes crafting should make sense in some way or another. But itīs gotten way out of hand. Just the same as FP should make sense in some way. More than just the first few days you are level 50. I would honestly rather screw crafters than people running FPīs and OPīs. And itīs not that i run OPīs. My thing is mainly group content, and thatīs what iīm trying to adress in this post.

stay on target.... stay on target.....

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01.29.2013 , 11:02 AM | #13
personally the hard mode and nightmare mode are one of the contributing factors in making end game content boring and completed far too fast. beside how many times do you really want to go through the same zones over and over and over with only a different mechanic or two. wouldn't you just want fresh new instances to do? but i guess when you come from only one mmo whose success came from dumbing down mmo content so the masses can enjoy with that mechanic it isn't all that unusually. but what is ironic is that many of these players who want more of this mechanic also are those that will complain how boring it is, how fast it is ran through and unchallenging it is at end game. go figure.

the ease of acquiring bh coms is the problem and not the difficulty of the fp. when the hm fp were done before the bh coms they were a challenge and took time. now everyone is over geared with bh gear making them trivial. a level cap increase will remove this but if the same mechanic is used in the the new 55 fp, then it is here to stay. it is just one of many nails the games coffin is slowly acquiring.

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01.29.2013 , 11:10 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Petnil View Post
You sit down and want to do a nice FP and get slightly challenged and then itīs over in 15-20 min and offers no challenge whatsoever. Itīs allmost come to the point that i like bad groups when dooing a FP like Lost Island.

I know the trend is short FPīs and bypassing as much as possible so the FP ends up even shorter. That doesnīt mean i have to like it. People end up in highlevel gear too fast and the FP drops become obsolete. The FP ends up as a quick grind for 5 BH coms.

When RotHc comes out i hope they will do something to FPīs especially. Make them harder. Make hard mode require full level55 normal FP gear and perfect skill + coordination. Reduce the difference between level 55 tioneese and columi level gear. Make all bosses drop the same level gear so all bosses are worth killing. Make hard mode gear = story mode OP and make NiM FP = hard mode OP. Then put hard and NiM FP on a weekly lockout timer.

Also, dont let crafters make BiS armorings/mods/enhancements. People should have to work for their gear. Remove or greatly reduce the use of BH commendations or whatever you will call them in RotHc. People should have to work for their gear. And iīm not a huge fan of the trend with sending endgame mod/armoring to alts through legacy gear. Thatīs not a huge issue, at least they still have to earn the mod/armoring on their main.

Just do something to make sure it takes more than a day or two to get full columi level gear. Yes i still do FP because i like dooing FP, but ofc it adds something when thereīs actually a chance of failure and maybe even a chance for an upgrade to drop.

I dont mind keeping storymode FP easy and shorter, maybe with fewer mobs so you can do them faster. I wouldnīt even mind keeping hardmode and NiM FP out of groupfinder. I saw the FP dev guy say something like we dont want to make harder FPīs because they end up beeing real pug killers. That was in regard to the lost island FP. I cried a little inside when i read that.
Here's my problems with what you're suggesting:

1 - What you're suggesting is adding an extra grind for endgame players. Soon enough all endgame raiders will start doing these lockout NiM FP's to gear up faster. Now, to make sure we complete certain operations faster, we'll also have to split up our 8-mans into 2 four-mans.

2 - If people can get the exact same gear by doing 4-mans and never needing to do 8-mans, there's going to be even less reason for guilds to do operations. 16-mans are already sparse because there's very little incentive to do 16-mans. It's a sad truth.

3 - Redoing the same FP on a harder difficulty is a terrible idea. I already don't like doing NiM EC as it's the same operation I've seen for months and months. For about 5 months we were suck with doing HM EC until TFB came out... and now we're back to doing it again? I don't care if you throw in 3 new mechanics on a boss fight. It's the same pixelated models and 90% of the fight is exactly the same. That is the laziest way to release "new" content: by painting the blue guy red and increasing his damage and health by X%.

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01.29.2013 , 02:00 PM | #15
ofc your right penguin. i ment to have NiM FP drop normal mode OP gear. Just a miss type. Ofc the gearprogression from hard mode FP to NiM should only be one tier. my bad. Iīve edited OP.

About dooing the same FPīs and OPīs over and over just with increased dificulty. Ofc we all rather have new OPīs and FPīs. Developing a total new OP or FP would however take alot longer than adjusting difficulty and gear of existing OPīs and FPīs.

Also, if only the latest few OPīs and FPīs were worth dooing because the earlier content had lower itemlevel gear, then we would most likely only run the latest FP and get bored even faster than now. I hope we get both new FPīs and OPīs for those who are into OPīs, and we keep the different levels of each OP and FP

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01.29.2013 , 02:08 PM | #16
come to think about it, normal mode is story right ?

story - hard - NiM. There isnīt a normal mode ? (i realy dont do OPīs. I like the dungeon type content alot more than OPīs content. OPīs tend to get too disciplined. The bigger the OP, the more discipline you need, and i like to talk alot on TS. In a small group thereīs more room for all to smalltalk and shout out when **** happens.

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01.29.2013 , 02:39 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Larry_Dallas View Post
Short version: "Crafters shouldn't be able to function because I won't feel like a unique and pretty snowflake if they do."

If the idea that someone can buy a particular mod from a crafter--one that's available in one piece of equipment for instance, instead of running the same damned op for 72 weeks to get all 9 they need is something that bothers you, it's time to do some internal re-evaluation. If you can't enjoy an MMO because someone else might have something you have, that's something you need to sort out for yourself. Not something the devs need to sort out for you.

Myself, I'm glad I can trade those stabs and shorten the process instead of running the same damned op, praying to win a roll on the same damned belt over and over again for more than a year.

I don't really craft either, but ffs, leave the crafters alone. They've got a good thing going right now (at least, CTs and artificers). Their ability to enjoy and influence an economy does not have a negative impact your ability to complete and enjoy raids. At all.

Well said about the Crafters most of the ones selling the mods are in end game guilds , I have talked to like how it works and some even want others to learn what they know , but sense some do complain loud and hard about it I see Re being Nerfed bad big time and trades becoming worthless ... I hope not I hope Re stys how it is and improves, this is one mistake if it is a mistake that should sty ... .. but it won't * but so many I talk to want it just how it is now ...

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01.29.2013 , 04:15 PM | #18
You should not be able to craft bis mods. Those crafted mods should be able to help you get to the end gear, but not be a requirement to do so either.

Ops need to be longer, atm they are nothing more than fp's where you need more people. And the fp's atm have absolutely no bearing on what you do in an endgame op, the gear is far too low to be any help. There are more issues with gear/endgame content then we seem to realize

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01.29.2013 , 04:28 PM | #19
In all likelihood the RotHC FPs (Titans of Industry and The Imperial Warlord) will be at least harder than Lost Island. And I think BW said they wanted to have HM versions of all FPs one day.

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01.29.2013 , 05:24 PM | #20
I am speaking from someone who has not cleared HM EC or even the first boss on HM TFB. There are still lots of people who play this game that are not full dread guard who are not farming HM and NiM ops and are still progressing through the content. My guild in particular has three progression ops groups the first one just cleared EC HM this past weekend the second Group is working EC HM and the third started out on EC SM and cleared it this last weekend. I am in the third group but fill in this the first group when needed. I personally enjoy each of the ops even though it is the same mechanics just harder. As far as crafting goes, allowing us to buy high level gear or trade mats for them allows there to be some wiggle room for player error during boss fights. No one is perfect and wont mess up a mechanic here and there, so having a little forgiviness because of gear is nice. FP are for farming BH coms and gearing your new 50 in columi. If you dont like speed runs find a guild that will do the whole thing with you or just ask if the group minds but do it at the beginning not half way through. No matter what bioware does not everyone will be happy i am sure not every single WOW players is happy with every feature of WOW but you get used to it or quit. I am excited to see from T2 FP in RotHc because who really want to run esseles on HM one more time