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Imp PvP on the decline?

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02.01.2013 , 06:05 PM | #21
I have to agree. I do sub-50 pvp late night on imp side and my experience is that we have a horrid track record. I want to say I was valor 19 before I got my first win, and that had everything to do with the fact that I stopped pugging and started queuing with my guild. A bit of voice chat and coordination goes a long way, and I think we just don't have that baseline skill level with the 1 AM sub-50 crowd.

I'm pretty awful, but I swear some of the most basic concepts like peeling off me when I'm trying to keep you alive and not breaking line of sight when I'm trying to keep you alive just aren't there.

I don't mind losing at all, I just hate how many stupid mistakes we make. It's almost enough to make me stop healing in pvp, if it wasn't that I love it so much.

Who knows. I'm sure at 50 it'll go back to ranked warzone pugs falling apart because we can't get enough.
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