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need some assistance

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need some assistance

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01.29.2013 , 06:42 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Banderal View Post
I think the sub-50 daily is to just play 1 warzone. The reward is XP and a choice of a level 10,20,30 or 40 "box" that has something in it. I think I've gotten something useful from the box a total of once (oh, except the boxes do contain some WZ medpaks and/or stims). Somewhere around level 30 or 40 you get one to find Outlaw's Den (I think that's the name - it's an open work PvP spot on Tatooine). At level 50 the daily is to play 4 warzones (but a win counts as 2), and there is a weekly to win 9 WZs. The level 50 rewards are ranked and normal WZ comms.
No the Lowbie-PvP Daily is to play 2 Warzones, but wins count as 2 so you were partially right.