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Question for Illum in the future

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Question for Illum in the future

Mikable's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 09:00 AM | #1
I am hoping that Illum takes some ideas from LOTRO's Ettenmoors. A great PVP landscape with a good mixture of PVE content. Different castles(Bases in SWTOR) to take control of and relics to steal from the opposing faction making it a capture the flag kind of event.. The bases having a large amount of NPCs loyal to the controling faction so that 10 or so could defend against a raid or at least make it difficult to take. The bosses in the bases could drop high end crafting peices, item mods, etc... For those who enjoy PVP, it is the ultimate gap closer for content releases so why not make it epic!!! Is this where Illum is headed? I know there is a ship being dropped in Illum for 1.7, is this going to be in the PVP area?