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Which class do you focus in a warzone when an objective is not at risk?(Exclude heals

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Which class do you focus in a warzone when an objective is not at risk?(Exclude heals

Amebia's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:11 AM | #1
I'll start.


cashogy_reborn's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:12 AM | #2
whoever is attacking friendly healers

after that, whoever is attacking me
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Hatsheput's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:44 AM | #3
Powertechs most dangerous thing that is easy to kill...

Zellzin's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:49 AM | #4
Gunslingers. Too dangerous to be left alone, and as an Assassin I'm pretty much their kryptonite
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Banderal's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 05:56 AM | #5
Whoever has a health bar that is dropping, figuring that's an easy way in a PUG to focus fire. (EDIT: Oh, right, #1 would be whoever is attacking healers, after that the focus fire thing.)

Siorac's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:02 AM | #6
Excluding healers and those who are attacking healers I go for the Tracer spammers. Their damage is huge if left to freecast but they collapse under the slightest pressure. After that comes the "push the Sniper out of cover" festival.

MusicRider's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:20 AM | #7
The one that someone in my group is attaking, otherwise aoe.

totherkins's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:21 AM | #8
I would say smash spec then snipers. I hate smash spec with a passion.
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mattycutts's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:26 AM | #9
sentinals and maurauders, easy kills that can be very dangerous to my group.
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Never_Hesitate's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:29 AM | #10
Sorc's because they die so fast
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