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The Mishandling of TCW Season 5

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The Mishandling of TCW Season 5

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01.27.2013 , 01:28 PM | #1
Season 5 could be great with the return of Maul in the end of Season 4, link them with the Mandaloriansis a great idea. However it's a big arc they should use the whole season 5, or at least most of it to make a big long story. Instead they made too many childish episodes and only give this arc like 4 episodes.

Everything is way too rushed, they kicked those large underworld organizations in 1 episode, took Mandalore from Satine in 1/2 episode and killed Viszla in the rest of the episode. I've read Shadow Conspiracy and know

The characterization also really got badly effected due to the shortage of time. Both Satine and Viszla look like idiot in episode 15. Satine did nothing beside saying a few ideal words, Viszla didn't kill Maul brother when he got the chance and chose to duel him when he could blow Maul's head off with his Death Watch. He deceived his people, why would he care of kill Maul without a duel? I'm also strongly against Palpatine go by himself rather than use other to do his work like he usually does.

And they thought Maul only got business with Obi Wan and his master that's not true. Anakin and Dooku both got a chance to release their hate against Maul. Let Palpatine stay behind and use his old, current and future apprentices to fight each other would be great, Satine could be a much more resilient and intelligent figure, too bad they didn't handle it well.

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01.27.2013 , 06:07 PM | #2
How bout TCW is completely mishandled from minute 1. IMO complete crap.
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