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smuggler story NO SPOILERS promise well not from me anyway

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smuggler story NO SPOILERS promise well not from me anyway

Coffeeserver's Avatar

01.27.2013 , 10:20 AM | #1
I've heard that the smugg story is the best for comedy by far but how much does the choice of male or female change the story overall? i know the romance characters change, but what about dialog options such as males get more flirt or women tend to be more smart alec?
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01.30.2013 , 09:43 PM | #2
Male Smugglers get more [Flirt]s - up to 9 romances or mini-romances vs. 6 for women. Otherwise it's largely a function of which voice you prefer; comedic dialogue happens no matter what, it's a question of whether you want the male Smuggler's understated tone or the femSmuggler's halfway scratchy delivery.
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