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Starship Analysis:Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber/starfighter/aka Havoc

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Starship Analysis:Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber/starfighter/aka Havoc

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01.25.2013 , 05:51 PM | #1
Probably my FAVORITE one of a kind ship, Nym's Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber/starfighter, the Havoc. If you wanted an in your face, all up i have more firepower than most corvettes, then look no further than the Havoc.

The Havoc was an exceptional blend of speed, armor and shields. But what makes this fighter stands apart. FIREPOWER. WANTON FIREPOWER.

The base of this ship started with 6 forward firing heavy laser cannons, cannons that hit harder than the X-Wing's own laser cannons. But it didn't just stop there. there is a dual cannon dorsal turret to cover the top and back of the Havoc. The true secret of this already amazing ship was an energy bomblet generator. The ship actually made energy bombs that hit harder than a proton torpedo straight from the energy generator of the ship. This was the heart of the ship but Nym and his crew didn't stop there. After the invasion of Naboo that nym helped stop with the Havoc, it got it's firepower FURTHER upgraded with a bank of concussion missiles, proximity mines and long range cruise missiles.

The original Scurrg H-6 bomber design required a minimum crew of five: one pilot, a gunner for the turret, a secondary gunner, a navigator, and a demolitions expert in charge of the bombs. However, the intensive modifications wrought by Jinkins allowed Nym to fly the starfighter alone, with only two astromech droids as backup.

The history of this ship is long and distinguished . The Nubian Design Collective built the Havoc and originally tried to sell the ship to the Naboo[why, I have zero idea. Trying to sell a bunch a pacifists a ship like the Havoc?] but it was rejected. The Bith designer Jinkins tried to keep the the project alive but it went into cold storage. Mad at the collective Jinkins contacted Nym and together they stole the fighter and went on to form the Lok Consortium.

Nym later used his fighter to fight the Trade Federation on Naboo, helped Adi Gadalia while she had one of the early Delta-7s in the days leading up to the fight on Genosis. Nym would help the republic from time to time during the years of the clonewars.

Many years later during the reign of the Empire, Nym would lend assistance from time to time to the rebellion from the planet Lok and continued to resist the Empire from that world keeping it Imperial free.

All and all, when it comes to raw firepower in a starfighter, look no further than the Havoc.

Well kids, my subscription is sadly coming to an end for a few weeks till i get paid again. My job only pays once a month for the month previous and i just started in January and won't be paid till mid februrary.

When i return i will continue with ships that not a lot of people know about.
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01.25.2013 , 05:58 PM | #2
Ah yes. Nym's Havoc. Great ship. Love all of the weapons it had.

Sad to see ya go, but we'll see you whenever you come back.
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