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List of Guides for Newcomers

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List of Guides for Newcomers

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12.20.2011 , 11:19 AM | #1
Hey everyone! Iím Almar from, some of you may be familiar with my website if youíve played other mmorpgs such as WoW, EverQuest or Aion. I recently have just started to expand my massive guide Database to include SWTOR, as I have been waiting to do for many years now. So, here are the guides I have managed to make for Swtor so far. I played in almost every beta weekend so I had a decent amount of time to compile all of these guides. Well, anyway here is everything I got so far.

Swtor Leveling Guide - (Under construction still, obviously but it is functional and will be updated very frequently)

Swtor Profession Guides -

Also for my profession guides I have started much work in getting down information for leveling each of the crew skills up:

Raising Archaeology -

Bioanalysis -

Scavenging -

Slicing -

Armormech -

Armstech -

Artifice -

Biochem -

Cybertech -

Synthweaving -

Swtor PvP Guides - (Every Warzone covered in detail)

Swtor Newbie Guides -

To further expand on the newbie section, since I figure it will be the most used section for awhile... Here are a list of all the guides I have in there thus far.

Republic Guides -

Includes each of the four classes for the republic

Empire Guides -

Includes each of the four classes for the empire

Advanced Classes -

Dark & Light Side -

MMORPG Lingo - (For total newbies)

Bonus Quests -

Quick Travel and Taxi Terminals -

Ways you can speed up leveling in swtor -

List of all planets in swtor -

Social and Valor levels -

Those are all of the guides I've gotten done so far, hopefully they help a few new players out and give you something to read if the servers are down or while you're waiting to get in!

Additional note: As the servers go down at 7pm EST you will see many major changes come about the swtor section for my site. During this time I will be working vigorously to update any guides that are misleading and also make all of my profession guides more pretty and appealing.

Also, if you think this is deliberate advertising, just think how thankful YOU would have been to stumble upon this post back when you knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the game and how much it would have helped you enjoy the game more. Of course some people don't like guides, but I could have saved myself 24 hours of trouble before if I knew what I knew now.

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12.20.2011 , 11:22 AM | #2
I feel the need to add in for those who need it.
Here's one of the many Datacron listings out there since you don't have one listed up there. Very good idea to post up help for others.

DashFiss's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 08:52 AM | #3
Bookmarked, really great guides! So many of the "guides" out there consists of text copied from, in other words - a joke. You need to read what other people have experienced, that's what's worth something.

Would like to add that you can start levelling bioanalysis at your starter planet - at least Ord Mantell. Don't know about other professions but I did not find any slicing nodes there. This means, as I saw it, when you're done with the starter planet you go to fleet, learn what you need, then go back. Seemed to be the best option for bioanalysis anyway, but I might be mistaken. Killed those elites on the island where you have to shut down beacons etc.

Also a tip (bug unfortunately), sometimes your crew can't gather a resource for some reason. Dismiss and do it yourself, then call back crew. Hopefully this is on their list - along with the crew being in the way quite a bit, and WHY do they start attacking like 3 weeks after you do?

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