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PVP Quitters debuff

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PVP Quitters debuff

Deathreins's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 10:34 PM | #1
Has anyone considered implimenting a debuff for all those that quit a wz just because they can't 'face-roll' the oppponent? What is opinion about this? My opinion is that there should be a debuff set in place for those that leave once the WZ commences. A debuff that will not allow another queue for that player for a WZ for 15 minutes (to start) and gradually increasing at 15 minute increments for each and every time they quit another one. The reset timer for this type of debuff should be weekly, at the reset of the pvp weekly quest. Maybe even, perhaps, look at applying this debuff account wide so as to that quitter just doesn't have the mindset of just logging and pvp'ing on another toon. Just an idea.
Yes, we've all been there. WZ's where your team just is getting destroyed because of out-geared, out-played, out-matched or they just really do suck. Deal with it and move on after it is over. Why quit? You're still going to get your coms. Now, understand, I'm not pointing at noone in particular, I see it on both sides so it's not a faction only thing that happens. And yes, noone likes to lose much less get destroyed but, come on, play the game. It's annoying to all when you have those that are willing to stick it out (I'm one of those that do stay) and see you're team members quit on you. An example, earlier this evening, I was in a Voidstar (joined after many had left). We lost. When all was said and done, the recap showed Pubs, 8 members, Imps, 29 members. Really? Too many quitters looking for free handouts IMO.

schooch's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 10:52 PM | #2
no, dumb idea.
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Calitri's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 11:08 PM | #3
While I've seen what your talking about, when I do pop on my 50's on Bastion. There's no point in doing so, until they fix the sources of game crashes. I see more of them dump people out of warzones, than I do quiters. Until then , your just punishing people for how the game is coded.

TheJackalistaken's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 11:50 PM | #4
This game has too many random crashes, dcs and general glitches to have a deserter debuff. I'll admit that I leaves wzs sometimes, usually b/c one of my friends (in my group) didn't get into the wz or dc'd. Also I don't do wzs for coms (I have tons of the damn things). I know people leaving is annoying but playing with 7 people that think huttball deathmatch. People leaving doesn't both me, its the masses of terribads that do.
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01.24.2013 , 11:53 PM | #5
Quitter de-buff thread #37461980567821
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01.25.2013 , 05:32 AM | #6
1. I dont play games where I was backfilled, unless I know names in there.. and not only one.
2. I dont stick around for too long after a half a day of PvP with morons or people that dont follow orders/tacs.
3. Based on my group/premade we might group leave if in a time crysis for daily/weekly.

There are more specific cases, but I have the right to avoid certain issues, since it is my time. I am a reasonable team player, but there are things I don`t condone. One of them is bad attitude. The other is a big mouth. PvP has plenty of both. I tend to not put players immediately on ignore lists, but I tend to avoid certain patterns. My money, my rules. When someone else will pay for my play time, then we`ll talk...

Also, what do we do with the ones that get all sorts of bugs and disconnects from the game itself? Like a 4 man premade we had that kicked all of us THREE times to char select when we got wz pop?

Don`t like it.. tough luck. Get better or lose 20 mins of your time... the same 20 mins you seem so eager to shove down my throat.
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LordSkyKnight's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 06:38 AM | #7
The other posters covered many of the reasons why I leave as well.

1.) Bugs kicking people
2.) A team full of solo rambo charging lemmings
3.) An extremely one sided match where I cant even seem to stay alive coming out of spawn. Seriously stop with that heroic valor crap about fighting until the end. I don't log in so supply the other team with easy kills and free medals.

I am leveling a jedi knight right now and I played a match the other day full of pyrotechs and snipers, plus they had two ops healers. There was nothing I could do to stay alive. I'm in good gear leveling and I was trying to take out their healer. I would get rosted in a matter of seconds when I attacked. I waited until there was backup but nothing good was coming from it besides dying. All of this was during the warpgate warzone. I don't log into this game to get frustrated. I don't have fun being murdered and farmed. If that is your thing OP, then by goodness go right ahead and do that crap.

Alericus's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 07:34 AM | #8
I would only agree to a wz quitter debuff if I saw the following also implemented.

1)minimum expertise levels required to participate in warzones, hopefully to prevent the terribads who waltz in warzones wearing greens..Ive very seriously considered using group finder for a ops and then showing up naked and seeing how long it would take for the ops leader to kick me. Funny I can act like a twerp in wz's and stay but the same idiot behaviour in ops and flashpoints and I would be kicked immediately. Some pve'ers are serious hypocrites!

2)solo pvp queues and ranked premade queues and never the twain shall meet, Bioware pooched this one and can easily repair, its one of my major peeves and I think its a big reason for all the qq.

3)cross server queues, should assist in reducing wait times.

4)Extremely well monitored and regulated warzones. ie some version of game warden and penalty system for exploiters and hackers. If the rumours are true and guilty parties receive a week ban, weak Bioware very weak..what do you think this accomplishes?

5)ability to choose your warzone, sorry but I despise Huttball its not a true warzone in my opinion its a minigame. Great create another option for those who like this type, MINIGAMES.

6) I'd suggest creating another type of warzone, the Hutt Arena, a deathmatch style last man standing point system, last man standing his team wins!

7)Finally, its time to redesign defender medals to prevent the camping style done by so many players. In fact Ive started to lean towards a all or nothing medal position on this, you win you get medals and rewards you dont you get squat!

It sounds harsh but I think if you remove any incentive to camp, go afk , duel, diddle around, hide, assist the other team, goof off, ignore instructions and a multitude of other crappy playing that usually causes other players to quit, it will do two things:

1)force players to actually work as a team,( amazing I know for all the terribad players who get the concept of a raid but in a warzone their head falls off)

2)force players who refuse to play as a team to get nothing for their lack of intelligent play, Im sure they will either improve or quit messing around in warzones.

3)for any players, teams or guilds who use the old tactic of trading kills, this would become a very expensive and time consuming proposition. If you dont think this happens you are living in fantasy land. It also explains why some drop matches as well.

Once this is all done Ill agree to the deserter buff
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Joesixxpack's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 07:44 AM | #9
First debuff:

- Bugs that cause short rosters or drops
- DMers that join just to solo and lick their biggest hit on the scoreboard
- AFKers
- Team members helping their pals on the red team
- Nerd ragers and emos that waste a team slot, standing still ************ and moaning all match
- Dropping in an 0/5 HB 30 seconds from the end

Eterud's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 08:01 AM | #10
I'm sorry, But the pvp quitters buff would only work if the game acts like it should be:

1) The game crashes a lot(Or just quits without any message)
2) I sometimes get kicked since of having the afk debuff, while in the middle of a teamfight
3) there are a lot of hackers in the warzones. (Geared level 50's that are in the 10-49 warzones, speedhackers, teleporthackers etc.)
4) I sometimes join an ongoing warzone, when I enter I have the afk debuff since of being in the starting zone, the walls are up so I cannot run out and the buff I get starts at 10 I get kicked for afkness while I simply couldn't join the game since the walls are up.

In order for the game to arrive at the state to have an pvp quitters debuff they should first:

-Fix the above bugs
-Fix the cheaters/hacks. (other games can fix hacks, why can't ea/bioware? I've played several mmo's where it was simply impossible to hack.)
-Make it possible to sign up for a warzone of choice (I hate huttball, I don't leave, but I still hate it)
-Balance the classes (A lot of people are leaving the current warzones when they see a mercenary in their team)
-make inter-server warzones so there are more warzones going on, so people don't have to wait for 1 game to finish before they can join the next.