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organized open world pvp

deets's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:36 AM | #1
I have been wanting to do this for a while. I would LOVE to get a few guilds from each faction (of course) and plan out an open world pvp even. Pick a planet a date and time and have a blast. Could even use the old battle grounds on ilum.
I would like feed back and see what everyone thinks.

CBNuttree's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 02:35 PM | #2
Sounds good to me. Would love to be involved if I'm available. Someone just needs to pick a time and place and then advertise it on both fleets. Should get the world out for a fun time

steaktrooper's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 05:59 PM | #3
Sounds great, can never get enough of good open world pvp.
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01.25.2013 , 06:00 PM | #4
Maybe I should post this on a more visited forum.

PadawanDavid's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 08:06 PM | #5
I'd like to find out how a Sage/counselor would work well in the PvP arena. Any advice?
I'd like to know so I can learn how to work best in a war zone arena.

DelphinHunter's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 08:35 PM | #6
Tonight ? Fri 25th
i saw this post on the round up info posts etc
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