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<Chosen Elite> Recruiting

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01.23.2013 , 08:14 PM | #1
What is Chosen-Elite?

We were formed by an elite group of players dedicated to being at the forefront of raiding. We care about perfecting our art--in both our gear and our mechanics. We understand that for this game to be fun, we must do our part to bring our best to raids but at the same time bring out the best in each other.

We are currently running a 16 and 8 man operation group each week. There are no set rosters as we like to mix and match players each week so everyone has a chance to work with each other. Our current raid days are Tuesday/Wednesday at 8PM EST

We are expanding our roster to form a Ranked Warzone Team. We are looking for experienced and veteran PvP players who are at least full War-Hero.

Applicants who qualify for membership and are ready will be instantly inserted into our HM TFB groups.

Criteria for Membership:

- Responsibility - Come prepared and read up on fights prior to raid. Be on time to raid night. If you have an emergency, notify other guild members asap.
- Self-motivation - Do your part and demand excellence from your play.
- Raid Awareness - Be aware of your surroundings and raid mechanics
- Maturity - Please adjust your mic accordingly and mute yourself if necessary. Also, be aware that there may be some of us who have young children around--mind your language when appropriate.
- Availability - Members must be available on their scheduled day to raid. If you are unavailable to raid, please notify a officer or post on the forums so we can make the necessary adjustments.

We are still looking for a few skilled players to join our roster.

To apply to Chosen Elite, please fill out the recruitment form at and one of the officers will be in contact with you. Or if you require information please message HurpDurp, Clothcrusher, Kaiserdragon, Towlie or Marcum in game.

Thank you for your time and consideration
<Chosen Elite>