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12.20.2011 , 11:06 AM | #1
Since this "Customer Service" is some kind of joke I'have to write here. And I hope this will be the last time Im writing about this and this Issue will finally be resolved. (Im asking for help since 13th December and didnt got any help nor useful infomartion and it seems You dont even read what I write)

So let me start again. I received my copy of the game on 13th December. I loged on my account and clicked "Redeem a Product Registration Code" button. I typed down the SERIAL NUMBER I get from the Psychical copy of the game. The problem is Your site throw an error message like "service unavailable" or something like that(don't remember correctly) and send me back. Well an error could happen so I just tried type down the code once again but the site says "Your game code has been allready used" Well... I know! I used it but its seems it didnt worked. The "Redeem a Product Registration Code" button is NOT checked. Like I did not provided the serial number. Since that means I can't play after 20th December It would be nice if someone allready do something about this issue. Also Id like to someone contact me via email or in game (char: Lucivar server: Scepter of Ragnos (pvp english eu) and provide some useful information allready... Waiting week for "support".

King Regards