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"Hidden Strike" Comes a Little Late in Leveling

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"Hidden Strike" Comes a Little Late in Leveling

urborror's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 10:22 AM | #1
Kind of disappointed in my operative, coming off "gunslinger." Wanted to make a healer, mainly, but for leveling I can go into "weak sniper mode" or "weak stealth/melee" mode, until you get "Hidden Strike."

I'm sure everybody's noticed the leveling trees seem a little disconnected from solo play (i.e., early buffs to powers you don't have yet,) but what exactly in the utility of my stealth up to level 36, aside from avoiding mobs? Why would I buff it? I just level toons, so to me, for 2/3 of the game, stealth is pretty useless.

I kind of like CCing targets in a mob or CCing elites and having their damage reduced for 10 seconds (with the healing tree,) but that's about it. I never even bothered to CC targets in trash mobs with my sorceror.

I can use "backstab"--->melee combos, or I could just...use a melee combo and swing around to backstab? A healer can never have much "trouble" leveling if they heal their tank, but just fun-wise, I feel like a very weak sniper lacking something. Whether I backstab from stealth or just go into cover and fire off grenades, explosive probes and snipes, it feels pretty interchangeable.

I'm aware there's another melee attack in the middle DPS tree, but the whole burst-melee-from-stealth aspect of the character is kind of pointless until you get "Hidden Strike"--which is the majority of the game, to me.

Enexemander's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 03:31 AM | #2
I agree. I'm leveling an Operative right now, and it just feels so weak (lvl 33).

I have several 50s so I've been around the block a bit with the leveling. The operative just doesn't feel "right." The rotation doesn't flow at all. Lethality is an excellent spec on a sniper. On an operative? No. Cull is pulling from 2 different resources and that just isn't good. Example- in the healing tree, the instant heal costs tactical advantage. Not Tactical Advantage AND a ton of energy.

In Concealment, you've got all these talents for Laceration, which is a fairly weak ability overall. 50% chance to take a tactical advantage away so the rotation isn't set and doesn't flow.

It's no surprise to me with the dps talents in such a state that many people prefer healing. That's a good tree for operatives, and it flows nicely. It feels right. Concealment and Lethality just don't have that.

mulzii's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 10:09 PM | #3
i think the big issue was the change/nerf to backstab recently. When they increased the cooldown to 12s, there was a void in our rotation that is 'dead air' and wasnt filled by another useful ability.