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Rise of the Hutt Cartel: First Look Video

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Rise of the Hutt Cartel: First Look Video
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Vitas's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 07:44 PM | #51
It's looking great and I can't wait to play it. But after this expansion, can we please have no more original worlds in future expansion packs?
There are thousands of existing ones in the Star Wars universe, many which we'd love to see explorable in the game.
A lot of them have some relevance to the events presented in the game and others we'd love to be able to simply visit and explore.
There are even some worlds which have little lore revealed about them other than just their name and the section of the galaxy which they're located in, to which the devs could easily use without causing any problems to the continuity.
If you'd like to see more Explorable Worlds in Star Wars: The Old Republic,
then head to this thread and discuss, list and vote which you'd like to see and explore in the game:

HarlemGirl's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 07:59 PM | #52
Looks good, can we have more original worlds please. As a fan of the KOTOR series, I love how you guys give a fresh visual take on things. It helps to make things in the Old Republic era feel like something special happened in this time period and not just limit it to what the Star Wars movies have done.

SuperGrunt's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 08:26 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Get your first look at the brand new planet Makeb featured in Rise of the Hutt Cartel and pre-order the Digital Expansion now to receive exclusive in-game rewards!

Watch now
OK it looks sweet....but, the launcher promised Gameplay footage. There was like maybe 3 seconds worth of that, and we didn't even see anything new other than the landscape. Why would you give the impression that there was a video with gameplay footage, and only include at most 3 seconds.
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01.23.2013 , 10:25 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by United_Strafes View Post
So when? I just want the PvP balance fixed.
THIS a thousand times.
Star Wars: Attack of the Cartel.

AshlaBoga's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 11:00 PM | #55
For $10 it better be bigger than Belsavis or Balmorra.

And the quality of the storyline better be on par with the Tatooine main series rather than the Imperial Tatooine Bonus Series or the Imperial Balmorra Bonus Series. Heck, nothing like the Republic Taris Bonus Series either okay? Maybe something like the Revanite/DK Series where it's related to KOTOR lore (not that the mind trap stuff wasn't, but I really liked the Revanite series).
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Dwarroir's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:26 AM | #56
Looks ok. I really wish they went with a different theme. with all the amazing story telling capabilities behind star wars, they pick......... hutts!? lame.

Ravagexe's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:42 AM | #57
Looks great. But really makes me wonder that why isnt there any single improvement to game engine.
Least something different and new...A simple PvP Pod racing was more than enough. But when you just put it like "bunch a place an' level cap" it looks very blunt from outside.

NogueiraA's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:45 AM | #58
Where the bambis running around the planet?

LadyDrusilla's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:51 AM | #59
Quote: Originally Posted by Dwarroir View Post
Looks ok. I really wish they went with a different theme. with all the amazing story telling capabilities behind star wars, they pick......... hutts!? lame.
Speak for yourself, I think hutts are great.

Very excited for this, some of those environments were beautiful.
This blonde loves her Hutts, the bigger, the better.

Erundil-test's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 01:04 AM | #60
Yay, new expansion! I know EA expects us to be happy about it, but I'm concerned instead.

Servers are empty. I can't gather enough people to kill world bosses, waiting in queue to complete a single flashpoint takes hours... at best. We need some mechanic changes that will allow us to enjoy the game with so little players as we have now. New expansion will NOT bring new players to the game, it will only be bought by those who already play swtor. To make expansion worthwile it has to be more rewarding than base game. So - results: a portion of players will move on to play expansion. For first few weeks Hutt Cartel will be overcrowded with people, especially during early access period. Servers will go down more often than they do now. After that ppl will get bored and play just as they did before, except one thing - there will be more content to choose from, so players' population will be spread wider. Density of ppl wanting to play particular flashpoint or do particular world boss will drop.
The game world is already too big for current number of active players and it gets annoying. So what do devs do? They make the situation even worse. I know they should be commended for making good graphics, working hard on the story, but someone in charge needs a wake-up call. Making expansions won't help. I know expanding the content brings money and feeling of job well done but it's only illusion. It makes the game even more broken than it was before. Good try to repopulate the servers was going F2P, but it didn't work. This raft is sinking and it looks like EA tries to make as much money as possible before everything goes to hell. They should save this game, not try to make the best of it's demise...

I'm so sad, the idea behind swtor is great, but greatness ends on idea.

Come on EA, you've got so many employees, someone is bound to have some ideas on how to fix it. Any ideas that work for real MMO won't work here, since MMO = "MASSIVE multiplayer online" and swtor is everything but massive. Massive world maybe, but definitelly not massive numbers of players... Maybe ask those, who are fresh about it, I don't know, maybe guy who delivers pizza?