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Operatives Knives....

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Operatives Knives....

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01.23.2013 , 04:10 PM | #11
Nerf Operatives' knives!. ...And nerf Operatives

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01.23.2013 , 05:17 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Joesixxpack View Post

My Op. med. is a puny chick body type. /agent and she pulls out two "knives" bigger than her torso. It's great.
What a boss
Phantom of the Operative

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01.25.2013 , 03:50 PM | #13
Actually, the knife blade unfolds itself when the operative pulls it out, and refolds towards the end of the attack animation.

I observed such when viewing a slow-mo of hidden strike.
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01.25.2013 , 04:11 PM | #14
We need more threads like this... maybe in it's own section of the forums titled "Who gives a flying .... ?"