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<Apostates> Official Guild and Recruitment Thread!

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<Apostates> Official Guild and Recruitment Thread!

Seadogkb's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 11:38 AM | #1
...we were all deceived

Who are we...

The Apostates are an irreverent brother/sisterhood of non like minded individuals who have journeyed together since the ancient and murky prelaunch days. Originally tagged as Hyperion, then Halcyon, later Praxceum, and finally the Apostates. We were born out of a sense of passive aggressive apathy...the exact kind of dogma that would lead its members to collectively kick their original Guild Leader for being an uptight troll whose lone goal was to drain our souls of joy and merriment. Since then, it has been nothing less than a philosophical sojourn full of rainbows and cuddly ponies all resulting in a final epiphany... an acme of enlightenment if you will...a new unifying mantra.

We were all deceived...

And so the choice was fact, it was no choice at all...we are now Apostates...profane poets forsaking the social moors of MMO gaming and seeking one thing and one thing only...hedonistic gaming pleasure of the most self gratifying kind.

So forget your self-respect, admit you were deceived...and join us!

What we do...

As Apostates, we find it both distasteful and irksome to dwell on past achievements... But let’s do so anyway. Originally from Juyo Server, this merry band managed to become the top progression guild on that server, with firsts on every hard mode Explosive Conflict Boss. So the answer to the question you were asking yourself is yes...we are serious...and yes again, you can have fun doing it. We currently run three 8 man progression raiding groups, regular Nightmare Pilgrim runs...and...when the madness takes us...the occasional 16 man raid. We also conduct pvp rated warzones in concert with Pillars of Ashla (one of the few guilds that can tolerate our misguided sense of humor) and even managed to bamboozle Pak’Cafan into letting us park our naughty imperial alts in their midst.

How to join us...

So at this point, I imagine there is only one burning question left in your mind...How do I join? Well you’re in luck... we're always looking for innocent nubile young minds to corrupt and bring into our dastardly ranks. And know this! Our impious community is spread throughout several MMO gaming worlds... so yes, you can breath a final sigh of relief... you have indeed found the dysfunctional home you’ve always been looking for...

We find general chat exasperating for anything other than the occasional trolling. Therefore you will rarely find us searching for fresh meat for our ranks by constantly spamming our virtual achievements on the republic fleet. So instead, please visit our website (, submit an application, and/or contact an officer in game. We conduct a two week trial period to ensure that you can tolerate us (note: this is for your safety not ours).

We offer openings for hardcore raiders, competent pvpers, and the casual alt obsessed gamer that has yet to realize that this is not KOTOR 3.

Please enjoy the following tiresome general information:

Contact Information...
Official Website:
Faction: Republic
The Golden Calf: Bal'thial
Officer(s): Akyra, Beebo, Kage

Empire Sister Guild:
Official Website:
Recruitment Thread:
Guild Name: Pak'Cafan
Leader(s): Wyldfyr
Officer(s): Espaahzo, Grizzlydeath, Türk

Epeen Stroking Accomplishments...

8 Man Progression:

Terror From Beyond (Asation):
5/5 Story Mode
5/5 Hard Mode

Explosive Conflicts (Denova):
4/4 Story Mode
4/4 Hard Mode
3/4 Nightmare Mode

Karagga's Palace:
5/5 Story Mode
5/5 Hard Mode
5/5 Nightmare Mode

Eternity Vault:
5/5 Story Mode
5/5 Hard Mode
5/5 Nightmare Mode

Current Raid Schedule:

Winter Group: Thursdays and Sundays. Invites at 7:30pm; First pull at 8pm. Raid ends at 11pm.

  • The guild does provide Guild Repairs and Stims for it's members.
  • The guild uses Mumble.
  • Schedules are subject to change.
  • All times posted are East Coast times.

PVE Recruitment Desires:
Guardian - DPS & Tank
Sentinel - Low
Sage - Heals & DPS
Shadow - DPS & Tank
Vanguard - DPS & Tank
Commando - Heals
Gunslinger - Medium
Scoundral - Heals & DPS

PVP: Currently accepting exceptional players of all classes.

Disclaimer: We can not guarantee that you will actually be a hero, and legally absolve ourselves of any injuries of a physical, mental, emotional, or sexual nature that you may incur during your attempts to do so.
Website | Recruitment | About Us
Bal'thial - Sage | Bal'thia - Smuggler | Az'riel - Marauder

IBJammin's Avatar

01.26.2013 , 12:15 PM | #2
Don't think I'm hardcore enough for this Guild but I just had to say...

Just *LOVED* the read. Tremendous work!

Chevee's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:22 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJammin View Post
Don't think I'm hardcore enough for this Guild but I just had to say...

Just *LOVED* the read. Tremendous work!
There is no level requirement nor need to be hardcore. :P

We're really just looking for people who fit in with us and want to enjoy the game. ^.^
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