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Cunning vs. Power

Talyndor's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 10:53 PM | #1
All of my augments are cunning augments.....well, I was running a HM FP with someone who said my cunning was too high, and I should be about 2050 unbuffed, and I should have more power, closer to 1000, which I could accomplish by replacing cunning with power augments.
What is the consensus on this? I thought cunning augments were the way to go, even over power....or is there a soft cap on cunning after which you should indeed start working power augments into your gear. cunning is at 2192, power at 613 and tech power at 1346. Then there are + ### after those stats. I did not know if I should include those or not (e.g., my Tech Healing Bonus reads cunning 2191: + (306.9).

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01.18.2013 , 11:09 PM | #2
You should definitely stick with the cunning augments, are the mods that you are using lettered (ex. Advanced ???? Mod 26A) because all of your mods should be the plain mod (Advanced ???? Mod 26) since with the lettered, you gain a small amount of the mainstat and endurance but you lose a lot of power/crit.

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01.19.2013 , 07:06 AM | #3
There is no right or wrong build for the operative, in terms of power and cunning.

It is depends on your preference as a player. I'm an operative healer, and I prefer to go with cunning. Let me explain briefly.

The main options to choose between are a higher healing bonus, or a higher critical chance. By going for higher cunning, you will gain an increased critical chance, while still contributing to healing bonus. However, by going with power, you will gain an increased healing bonus (compared to stacking cunning) and have a drop in your critical chance.

At the end of the day, by maximising on cunning, you will lose around 30 or so points in bonus healing and gain around 2.5% in critical chance, from memory. This is all at max level PvE gear.

Just remember that your critical chance (not including the cunning bonus) should be around 350, then go for surge rating. Some people say that surge has a soft cap as well, then to move onto alacrity, but I tend to ignore this, as I believe that alacrity is more trouble than it is worth. It forces you to use more energy/second without any regenerative capabilities. This means, either more time in between heals, or run out of energy quicker if you hold the same pace/rotations.

I think that mostly made sense, but let me know if anything needs clarifying.

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01.19.2013 , 07:19 AM | #4
Cunning all the way imho.
Medic - Cunning for sure - HoTs critting all the time then
Lethality - same with DoTs
Concealment - only here i'd maybe discuss a bit increased Power on behalf of Cunning

I have (buffed) 2350 Cunning and 900 power. I play either medic or lethality - so this goes fine with me.

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01.19.2013 , 07:22 AM | #5
Swapping out an entire suite of augments in current BiS will give you 2.7 bonus healing for power or 1.25% crit chance for all cunning
1.25% crit on an averaged basis is better, however you will never "feel" the difference.
In non-augment stuff you go for the pieces with less endurance while still on the same tier. It has very little to do with the power/cunning relationship. For armorings this means getting high cunning ones, for mods this means picking up the higher power/crit mods.
Do the same with enhancements too ofc

As an operative currently approaching 2500 cunning, the person in your group was full of **** and parroting something he heard a powertech saying about aim. There is theoretical softcap on cunning somewhere in the region of 6000 cunning. By the time we're anywhere near that I'd say we'll have had stats completely revamped.

For your own referance here's a BiS operative healer.

(In case your dps, change the alacrity for more surge and change the set bonuses appropriately)
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01.19.2013 , 10:38 AM | #6
Thanks for your replies. Ill stay where I am. (and I am a healer, btw).
Buffed I am at 2314 cunning....add a exotech stim and I am at 2442. I like those numbers, as well. I shall be more careful what people tell me.

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01.19.2013 , 07:58 PM | #7
Operatives (both healers and dps) also get big bonuses to critical hits on commonly used abilities (+30% on kolto injection and recuperative nanotech or +30% to backstab, hidden strike, and acid blade). In a one-point-for-one-point swap cunning should always be better.
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01.19.2013 , 08:02 PM | #8
Don't trust people just because what they say sounds good in your ears, ask for proof like parser logs when they compare the different stats or ask for a SimCraft link. Normally people have "heard" something and spreads it without even knowing that it is false, they are just so convinced that they swallow the lie whole.


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01.20.2013 , 06:33 AM | #9
The stat weights do not need a parser. Unless you don't believe the the long established values the community uses.

Cunning is ALWAYS better than power at a 1 to 1 ratio. We get a 9% bonus available to all specs (Best in the Game)

Plus the inquis buff giving you a massive 14% increase. Not to mention crit from cunning is on a separate curve from regular crit.

After reading your post more thoroughly, what the guy in the FP is suggesting is dropping the high endurance mods and enhancements. Although he is a little confused when he says your cunning s too high, the problem is the endurance. The high secondary stat mods and enhancements give up some cunning and endurance for power. But the ratio is not 1 to 1 power for cunning because you are also giving up endurance. So you end up with more healing/dps done with the high secondary stat mods. Aka the +40 power mod, same applies for enhancements. The ones with higher endurance is always *******r for DPS/Heals

That doesn't change the fact that cunning augments ARE ALWAYS better than overkill for an Op because the exchange is 1 C for 1 P. As opposed to the uneven exchange rate you get by swapping to the high power mods.

randiesel's Avatar

01.21.2013 , 01:44 PM | #10
Cunning also improves your secondary stats. Even if its just a little, its still better to augment for cunning than power.

Still optimize for power in your mods/enchancements though.