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A question on armour...

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A question on armour...

RandolphWaite's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 08:27 PM | #1
Just wondering if anyone here could give me some advice - my Sith Inquisitor is almost up to level 50 now (not that far off, at least), so I've been thinking about a change of armour, something a bit more ornate and imposing than the set I've been using and slotting new mods into since about level 30.

Ideally, I'd like to find some armour like either this:
Or, failing that, the one on the right here (same style, different colours):
So, I was wondering if anyone here who knows more about this than I do (I'm actually relatively new to TOR, so that probably covers most of the people reading this) could tell me where to get armour of this style. Is it just the sort of thing that's going to be dropped or given as a mission reward at level 50, or do I need to do anything more specific? I already foolishly spent a lot of time levelling Synthweaving up to 400 only to discover that the highest-level light armour you can make seems to be...well, a load of bandages, unless I've missed out on a whole load of schematics somewhere. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

LogicalPremise's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 09:14 PM | #2
Recruit looks like that, and there should still be some recipies for the old orange battlemaster gear that looked like that. If you can't find it, I can make it -- Harbinger server.
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RandolphWaite's Avatar

01.19.2013 , 06:17 PM | #3
That's a very generous offer, Ill definitely think about that if I can't find it (I'm on a different server, though, I don't know if that would present any difficulties?). If I take you up on that offer in the future, what would you like in exchange for it?

Otherwise, am I right in thinking the "recruit" set is the armour you get automatically at level 50?

el_Bizzle's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 03:32 PM | #4
Check it out:

darthgamer's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:21 PM | #5
You link two awesome armour sets that never made it into game the bm sets dont have the same color and the recruit isnt moddable which is sad the black and purple and all red are freaking amazing.
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RandolphWaite's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 03:08 PM | #6
Presumably it can be modded with augment kits? At least then all that Synthweaving would have produced something usable...