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Advice to tweak my settings in SWTOR

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Advice to tweak my settings in SWTOR

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12.20.2011 , 10:45 AM | #1
Intel i5 3.2 GHX processor (2nd Gen)
GTX560 Ti 2gig FPB
8 Gig of DDR3 Ram
Windows 7
Antec 800 wat Power supply

Wondering how to get the best config of my settings in SWTOR so I can get good clean visuals but not too much visual lag. I tried to do a PVP battle and got soo much graphical lag I had to leave. I know my PC isn't a Beast, and No i really don't OC or do much modifications to my HW.

Suggestions on things to improve my game performance. My connectivity is usually 60ms, and my frame rate is usually in the high 90s except for when i go indoors or into a PVP battle then it crawls.
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