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Lag and Low FPS Solved!

mayo's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 01:00 PM | #1
I have been getting continuously worsening lag and low FPS and have read about many others with this issue. I have traced my issue down to a failing HDD, well 2 failing HDD’s. One runs my OS and the other my games. I put SWTOR on another HDD and got a new HDD for my OS tons better. I wouldn’t say perfect, but %90 better and much more enjoyable to play. Still getting some low FPS at times but nothing like going down to 1.5 FPS. I’m back up to averaging 80-100 fps while questing around a planet and drops down to the 30’s and spikes down to 15 FPS or so while moving around the highly populated Fleet Station.
I stumbled upon this by watching windows Resource Monitor. When my FPS started dropping I noticed a huge disk queue on my game HDD and OS HDD. My gaming drive was having trouble reading “swtor_main_art_...” files worsened by my OS drive’s slow reading. Then I proceeded to troubleshooting it down to low read/write caused by failing drives.
I hope this may help some of you solve your lag and FPS issues.