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If Bioware doesn't get New Zealand folks in before launch, they are breaking the law

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If Bioware doesn't get New Zealand folks in before launch, they are breaking the law

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12.13.2011 , 01:03 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by bigoldbear View Post
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Biggest regiment in the UK

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12.13.2011 , 01:04 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by PrimeRadiant View Post
Have a friend who said that if they don't get you in they break their Consumer Guarantees Act and the law.

He was saying even WoW was afraid on pre-order launching do to this act.
How do you know NZ law even applies? Have you read the T&Cs? Yes it's entirely feasable that local law applies based on wherever the user lives, however for most websites, T&Cs will state which law the contract is made under (usually where the company is based - in this case, Texas).
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12.13.2011 , 01:04 PM | #23
It's actually because of those sorts of laws that the game isn't launching in NZ (and other places) yet. International compliance is a mighty big headache.

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12.13.2011 , 01:04 PM | #24
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12.13.2011 , 01:04 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Solusrath View Post
Considering that its covered in the EULA, and that Bioware isnt a New Zealand based company, I'm quite sure they arent the least bit concerned with this.

I mean seriously, what is NZ gonna do? Send troops into EA HQ in the states? Please.
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12.13.2011 , 01:05 PM | #26
Where is the guarantee on BW's half?

up to 5 = 0 to 5

No where does it say Early Access is guaranteed

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12.13.2011 , 01:05 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Rumm View Post
Except how it isn't free, as we paid a 5 dollar pre-order charge. If you don't get in free, they took your money and didn't give you the service, which is against the law :]

Not saying that's how its going to play out, just saying its what can happen.
They didn't charge you for anything. the $5 goes towards the purchase. At anytime before you pick up the game, you can get that $5 back.

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12.13.2011 , 01:05 PM | #28
Sooo... they have children in NZ, too. Interesting. I didn't know. I thought they only had hobbits.

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12.13.2011 , 01:05 PM | #29
I feel sorry for people who had to put a down-payment on their pre-order.
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12.13.2011 , 01:06 PM | #30
This is usually why I do not visit game forums, except for troubleshooting problems.

But the dang force compels me.

I never paid a pre-order fee. All I paid was for the shipping of the pre-order code to me. But the actual code was free.