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Returning Player looking for a friendly and fun guild

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Returning Player looking for a friendly and fun guild

Carr's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 07:26 PM | #1
Hey all,

I'm coming back after a few months away from the game. I'm completely restarting and I currently have a level 11 shadow. I'm on the Ebon Hawk server and would to get with a great guild for leveling and everyday interaction. I'm usually playing the game anytime from 2-5 eastern time and then later into the night.

My player name is Kigen

Looking forward to meeting some people!

USCG_Davis's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 11:51 PM | #2
Then you probably shouldnt post on the Harbinger Server Forums...might not yeild many results
Geag SKT'T-one Ătriss

Adanis's Avatar

01.20.2013 , 12:14 PM | #3
Well, If you have a character on The Harbinger look us up and see if we are what you are looking for. In game look for Pyretta or check our website out

dmadrt's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 06:41 PM | #4
Check out Children of Korriban/Grim's Last Chancer's
Our information is in my signature below,
Contact us at
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