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Bioware Devs: Guild Functions need improvement

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Bioware Devs: Guild Functions need improvement

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02.08.2013 , 12:43 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Victus View Post
I agree and would like to add another thing that needs to be implemented.

A guild log.

As a former guild leader and current officer, I like to keep tabs on you comes and goes in my guilds. It is really frustrating to log on one day, see your guild member count down a number or two and unless you have an extremely small guild you dont know who left.
Yeah, IDK why this isn't a thing. It should be.

I'd also like it if you could repair with both guild repairs and your own funds at the same time. When we had repair on officers would put in like 15k for the week per person and if your gear was fairly damaged (not even yellow, iirc), that wouldn't cover the cost, or you'd repair and have like 2-3k left for repairs for the week and you'd never get to use it, which was infuriating.

WoW let you repair from guild funds then take the remainder from your gold, why can't SWTOR do that?
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02.08.2013 , 02:13 PM | #42
I definitely agree with the sentiment, but none of the specific requests interest me at all. We need guild calendars mostly, and improvements to the guild UI.
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I am happy that there will be a renewed focus on story, I love story, its why I picked this MMO. But I picked an MMO, not an episodic single player RPG that I have to pay a subscription to receive the episodes.

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02.08.2013 , 02:25 PM | #43
I'm all for guild improvements. The ally chat system would be really nice as we have a few guilds on our server we're friendly with, but we can't get all the members into a /cjoin channel. It would help a lot with pooling members to run worldbosses/Ops more frequently.

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02.08.2015 , 01:31 PM | #44

Just thought to bump this thread because so many of these ideas are requested time and again - and while some measure of them have been implemented in the past 2 years, there's still so many good ideas, in here.

EDIT: I'm glad my trip back in time to 2013 from this year proved me right; We got our Hutt faction with the Cartel expansion, and we got an Ugly faction when the Massassi came along. I had TOLD you all, so! And everyone was worried I was about to Terminator-skew the whole SWTOR timeline....

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02.08.2015 , 04:57 PM | #45
Guild functionality in this game is seriously lacking.

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02.09.2015 , 09:23 AM | #46
bump because those are really good suggestions.

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03.05.2015 , 03:20 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by menofhorror View Post
bump because those are really good suggestions.
Thank you,
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03.28.2015 , 04:14 AM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by Fleurdelis View Post
Guild functionality in this game is seriously lacking.
And yes
Or-ion Sol
Founder of THE JEDl ORDER (Guild Website)
"As I was, I am, I will..."

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03.28.2015 , 06:19 AM | #49
Forum is full of necromancers lately. >_<

Fleurdelis's Avatar

03.28.2015 , 09:11 PM | #50
And to this date, over 2 years later, we still do not have dev responses or these items we requested in the game.