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Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle

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Meet the Developers: Rob Hinkle
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.20.2013 , 12:33 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Glower View Post
Please, make shorter Warzone development cycles. Two Warzones per year it is very very very very very long cycles.

Really?? How about pvp mercs/commandos, sage/sorcs, useless Powertech/Vanguard tanks and mighty lol-smashers?
I'd rather more variety in warzones than the same warzone on a different map which is what they did with one of them. (Novare Coast) It's essentially a better version of ACW (which is awful to play imo). I'd like to see new game types like Ancient Hypergate and a CTF map tbh. It can be slow if that's the trade off.

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01.20.2013 , 11:04 PM | #42
Hi Rob: nice to meet ya im a Rob as well........ first off I love this game.... all aspects of it from pve to pvp to crafting.. that being said, having a new warzone is great, but we need a cpl more, or at least some new hutt ball arena's... also I was wondering if there is ever going to be a quality of life patch.. we need to be able to sit in chairs, play mini games such as sabbac and pazzak. and 3rd and most importantly, we need a barbershop type place where we can give our characters a makeover.. like hair cuts, beards, shave beards, etc I have been playing this game as an active subscriber since early access, and i was in the beta testing before that. and after a little over a year of play, im a bit tired of looking at my same old characters, and whats worse. i see at least 5 toons a day who look like and are dressed just like me. 1 word CUSTOMIZATION..... come on do you keep a beard year round, or even the same hair style??? no.. do you stay clean shaven year round? maybe so but u have the ability to grow a beard... I have a lvl 50 smuggler who has a horrible mustache, and a mullet. he needs a makeover really bad. im an active subscriber, and im a bit tired of the same ole same subject drinking is what people do in cantina's, have you wwatched the movies or read the books? we need to be able to order drinks, and have the possibility of getting drunk..... which would affect choices and play style. also id like to be able to customize my armor make it unique to me, maybe pick colors, occassionally change the colors etc so i dont look like other toons of my race and class.... any and all of this stuff would make the game more fun for everyone.. also my last note on my soap box, crafting we can only do 3 things, and many professions require more than 3. 4 or 5 skills would be good. I have several level 50's, and it is a royal pain to have to log out of one toon, to log into another toon, to get the crafting mats, mail them back to the other toon just to make certain items. for instance my armormech (lvl 50 jedi shadow.) for armormech u need scavenging, underworld trading, and slicing. and that is just to make augment kits.... so im thinking 1 crafting skill, and 3 gathering skills would be good. another example my cybertech (lvl 50 sorc) also needs the same 4 professions, and can only have 3. my other lvl 50 sorc is artifice, and it also needs 4 professions to craft certain items. do you see the unbalanced nature here? with 8 lvl 50 toons, can u imagine logging out and in and out and in just to craft????????????? anyway this is still a great game, but like any other great game it needs quality of life improvements. please tell me these are on the way.....

Thanks and have a great Day

Rob (Telemicas shadow)(Phineas scoundrel)(Z'od sorceror)(Kyburi sorceror) (Spydera merc)(Karageous agent)(Ferb sentinel)(Serena sage)(Trance'Gemini Commando)(Wraith maurader)......... lots of other toons, 32 over 4 servers..... these are just my 50's
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01.21.2013 , 01:17 AM | #43
pvp balance? Did you saw duel pyrotech vs sage? Or marader vs mercenary? Pyrotech vs operative? Operative vs Guardian focus build? Shadow vs operative? You nerfed operative many times, but pyrotech already up. 1 year palying, but i didn't saw balance. And i have 97 valor guardian, 85 operative, 50 sage, 50 shadow and see full disbalance in pvp. And what about guardian vigilance tree? Is it playable now in 50's WZ?

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01.21.2013 , 07:49 PM | #44
Greet you Rob!

First of all I wish you the best for the next years what you will spend with your son !

"I lead a team of designers who are ultimately responsible for how the game functions. We are responsible for any design element that involves numbers and formulas such as classes, items/economy, and PvP. If a video game was a board game, system designers write the rulebook."

SWTOR has an epic background, thanks to Star Wars, nice dialogues, story line,the game looks great in my eyes, very well done, great looking instas, maps, nicely designed creatures, well animated movement.... but the "rulebook" is a crap!
The NPC's has no AI, its not an AI in 2013 that you have to click, click, click, then when the npc reach 30% HP he will cast a big spell so we must heal up a bit... Creatures, need AI, not more and more HP and bigger and bigger DMG!
The gearing is terrible, we have no freedom, mostly, there is just one viable moding variation for an AC. Crafting... so you mentioned, that you played table RPG (DnD I can imagine) so I don't think that I should say anything about crafting, just compare it to DnD rules and you will see, how simple, boring, linear grind it is.
The class balance... Dear Rob, you don't know what balance means in an mmo... if the skill trees, skills, crafting, gearing options are well made, there should be weak and strong players with the same AC, so it should be depending on the player how he plays out the class, AC, skills, gearing.... So balance should mean not equal chances, but playful freedom - you forgot this part from that game totally. How I get, you wanna handle heals, dps, dmg reduction with the "Nash equilibrium" with your philosophy, that "one of them will win and one of them will lose" - and I see a should here, so you can't use the equilibrium for 100%, you have to play a god, and make unbalance.
You play dark side how you mentioned it. And let me guess, you are a darth vader fun : ) So you break the balance with Jug this time....You play power-tech as well... let me refresh my memory.... ahh! now I remember, before 1.2 power-tech was the most OP class in the game.... now, this is emotional, not the feedback what you can get from the forum, if you even read it.
The game, how it looks like (visual), how the background story goes... + the incredible amount of advertising... so it could be one of the most popular MMO out there. But its not! And if you take a deep breath and try to find the reason of it, it will be the "rulebook"
I don't think that you can fix all this, but go, have a try , )
See you in Elder Scrolls Online! I will kick your *** there : p

I honestly wish you the best in your family life and let the force be with your son , )
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01.21.2013 , 11:07 PM | #45
From the article:

Communication/Information Gathering: This happens both internally in the studio and externally with the players. I make sure that everyone who needs to know something knows it. This includes meetings with other teams in the studio to loop them into what is going on, as well as making sure I have a handle on the feedback coming from players (via the forums), bugs, and, emails.
Really? How does Ray keep a handle on forum feedback if he never interacts with the members here? Can ANYONE link to his posts here? I've never seen one.

Class balance in MMOs with PvP is always a hot topic – how do you and your team approach it?

Lots of feedback from players, lots of theorycrafting, and a lot of playtesting. We feel like for the most part our class balance is pretty good, but it will never be perfect. We will always strive for better balance and making the classes more enjoyable, though it is a never-ending process of improvement.
What feedback? Lots of playtesting? If that's the case, why are so many things 'bugged?" Beyond that, if issues slip through and are later identified, why aren't they subsequently FIXED? Classes are balanced? These are the kill results of several recent level 50 PVP matches. Is this the balance we're talking about?

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01.22.2013 , 06:54 PM | #46
Hello there Rob!

Ive got plenty of questions but ill just ask two ,

Will there be hourly events built into the gameplay?

Can we have a live event each season for a total of 4 per year?


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01.23.2013 , 03:27 AM | #47
After what happened last night , the 3 hour rollback on The Red eclipse server, they shuld change this one to "BEAT THE DEVELOPERS"

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01.23.2013 , 01:33 PM | #48
Hey Rob....I had an idea,
Now that HK-51 is now a part of many of our teams is it possible to work him into future class story lines like our other companions? I understand not every one will have him so his impact has to be small on over all stories, but I think this is the next logical step in where this should be heading.

Speaking of the next logical step, a couple of months ago (before the "EA shake-down") the dev team was looking for input about a possible full expansion (as opposed to a mini-expansion [RotHC]). Problem is, I haven't herd anything since then. This was back before you guys were making money hand over fists from the cartel market & new F2P players as well. Is the expansion still being worked on? If so, can you tell us anything about it?

May the force be with you,
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01.23.2013 , 02:45 PM | #49
I have some ideas for class balancing and a few for new warzones...not sure how I would start an open dialogue to get feedback from you guys, in CoH I would just send a pm...that seems to be goes:

First, I want to say, I love the to the nuts and bolts:

1.) Juggernaut immortal spec could use a slight damage boost to better maintain threat and aggro control. I am very inclined to say a buff to crushing blow and force scream would be nearly all you need to do. If we could get damage about where powertech and assassin tanks are that would be outstanding.

2.) Vengeance spec could use a small dps buff as well...maybe to impale or shatter to keep it closer to the other melee dps specs.

3.) The mercenary class is almost completely unviable as an option in pvp...I think either a survivability buff of some kind would help....or possibly a tweak of offensive powers. Even if only 1 tree was viable it would be an upgrade.

4.) Sorceror dps seems to be outside the 5% range discussed at some point. I am not saying they need to be capable of 2k dps on parses...but something closer to 1900 sustained would be a nice quality of life adjustment to be more inline. Maybe buffing the channeled abilities would get there and perhaps allow a bit more burst.

5.) Annihilation marauders need more burst or to be able to ramp up more quickly...I can deal with the nerf to heals...I am not sure why it was necessary...but it's not that big a deal IMHO. the days of burst is king, it takes 23 seconds to ramp up...and frankly anything shy of an operations boss dies faster than that. Even burst phases it's less than ideal. I really love the tree and the more complex playstyle...but I finally gave in and respec'ed to combat/carnage to get the burst and be more productive in operations. I honestly am not sure how you adjust this as I can see no way that it wouldn't require almost an overhaul. Personally I am not in favor of altering the playstyle. I thought about buffing merciless slash...but that creates new issues in and of itself if you have time to ramp up.

-EDIT- After a lot of deliberation on this subject in my mind, I think I have a valid solution! Reduce the Merciless slash/Annihilate cooldown to 7.5 seconds and remove the continuous reduction proc from it's mechanics. That would remedy the delayed ramp up and not effect maximum dps at sustained levels!

6.) Operatives have some issues...particularly they are really only useful against one class in pvp. The damage is relatively low as well compared to other classes in pvp. The healer spec is fine...but the dps trees could use some adjustments.

7.) For a new Warzone: what about a gladiator style match that pits 2 teams against each other in a zone where there are obstacles actively trying to kill both sides indiscriminately. Say turrets laying down aoe in random areas or something to that effect. Making it just a pure 5-10 minute deathmatch, but environmental deaths subtract from team points earned toward victory. For the zone I envisioned something like a huge hutt cartel styled coliseum.

8.) For another warzone: what about another internal ship type map...but this time it's a competitive match against npcs for the first zone. Something akin to an endless horde of droids you have to kill as many as you can in 3 minutes with elites mixed in ever so often and providing extra points toward victory. Then in stage 2 the doors open and both sides enter a long corridor where they are each trying to breach the door to the bridge to take control. Once the door is effectively breached, a side must activate the control panel which gives more points to victory. Essentially if you killed enough droids and enough of the other team you could overcome not activating the control panel but you would have to dominate the other sides to do so.

9.) For another warzone: A new huttball map that is laid out vertically and has the goals at top and bottom. You could use the jump jets to launch yourself up 1-2 tiers to get farther ahead or use ramps to go the long way. Obstacles could include triggering a ramp that breaks away(could possibly dump to an acid pit or flame pad), flame pads, acid pits, and also walls that trigger at certain intervals along the catwalks temporarily blocking progress. You could also put in a system like the jump jets to catapult players downward as well as up. But if a player falls to the bottom the damage would kill him if it's more than 1-2 tiers.

I am sure you are likely well aware of some of the issues discussed with balance. Don't consider it to be negative....just feedback. I hope you like the warzone ideas.
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01.23.2013 , 03:34 PM | #50
Nerf the other guy!
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