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Group of Players LF Guild - Harbinger - Empire

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Group of Players LF Guild - Harbinger - Empire

Pookysan's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 10:06 PM | #1
A handful of us are back playing again but not enough returned, so we have been unable to put together OPs runs. We would like to find an active guild on the Empire side of Harbinger that is still participating in regular content (HM FPs, OPs, dailies, etc). There are at least 4 of us, all with at least one or more 50's with HM OPs experience, full Columi, some Rakata, etc. We have tanks, healers and dps. We're all older, 30's and 40's, laid back and easy to play with. We prefer PVE, but do some PvP. Let me know if you have room and are willing to take a few orphans.

akhilio's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 11:32 PM | #2
Sounds good to me'
Im Akhilio GM of <Order of the Fallen>...HM EC 5/5 HM tfb 1/5..2 main ops groups
We have many folks with full dread guard gear and run ops on tuesdays, thrusdays, and on the weekends
I have no problem having undergeared players aslong as they are;

1) Social -doesnt matter what ur personality's is ...we just dont like quiet folks - so use our TS n talk to us
2) ACTIVE- ithis is the most important part - ppl going missing for weeks will be kicked automaticly

we have a great balance of ppl in thier 20''s and 30's aswell as 2 or 3 in thier 40''s its a great balance
We also do 16man ranked pvp or drunk pvp during weekends
Reply me here and ill add u in game if ur interested

AKHILIO - Full dread guard/ Elite war hero Marauder
Order of the Fallen/ Deadweight.

USCG_Davis's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 01:04 PM | #3
Hey man,
<APEX> is always recruiting. Our 4th and 5th raids are currently in need of a few more solid raiders so they can progress quicker (a few of their members arent cutting it progression wise). Like i said, we have 5 active raids (number simply designates what days you raid) with all of them up to at least Kephess HM EC with our top group 5% away from clearing NiM EC (**** that instance). We have a raid or chatoic pvp going every night and world boss kills once a week. If you have any questions about the guild, talk to me in game on Atriss. Best of luck to you guys and where ever you decide to go
Geag SKT'T-one Ătriss

dmadrt's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 01:14 PM | #4
Please check out Children of Korriban, we are very casual/social but we do have a set raid schedule and we are always welcoming new people to our guild.
All of our information is listed in my forum signature below,
Contact us at
Toons: J'Nor - Sith Marauder, J'avicor - Sith Sorcerer, Mistar'J - Powertech

Pookysan's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 01:27 PM | #5
Thanks for the quick responses. All of your guilds sound like they would be a great fit for us. I'll chat with the others and get back in contact. Thanks again