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<Cursus Honorum> Empire Side RP Guild

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<Cursus Honorum> Empire Side RP Guild

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01.16.2013 , 06:52 PM | #1
Cursus Honorum
An Imperial Role Playing Guild

The Cursus Honorum is a social club for ambitious imperials. Its members desire to quickly ascend the ranks of power in the empire by networking with the like minded. The origination's goal is to install its members in positions of power as far across the empire as possible. It's members goals also include political power over the club itself.

Joining our guild starts with an in person in character interview with the guild leaders. We seek ambitions imperials, so come ready to discuss you ambitions. The purpose of this interview is to ensure a player's willingness to role play and that their role playing style fits with the style of the guild. A character will not be excluded for wrong in character answers, this is more to see if you a good fit for the guild socially.

Our guild leadership structures are based on the Roman Empire and as such consist of both elected positions (Consouls, Preators) and appointed ones.

We are just starting out and so currently are very small. If we sound like the guild for you can visit our website at for more information or /whisper Zigfriend or Aetre'al to set up an interview.