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Space combat Heroics still not working? or are they?

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Space combat Heroics still not working? or are they?

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01.15.2013 , 06:42 PM | #1
I logged on today and checked my space combat log to see if i was luck and my heroics reset (cause they arent working properly and don't always reset daily) . I noticed the quests where there so excitedly i click accept and then a weird thing happened.

It said i was not able to take the quest? i have beat that quest opperation (duma and cha rabba and the cha rabba alone) several times on this character. SO i am confused is it fixed and there is some work around or way i have to reset my missions or simply have to re-beat them to re-unlock them. Or is this simply a new version of the same bug that prevents me from doing space combat heroics?
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