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FunkyOne's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 10:29 AM | #1
Autofollow doesn't work. I can Project droid parts further than I follow.

Second, and more important, can you make companions smarter. It would be nice if they derived their agro list from the mobs that agro me. I'm a healer. I don't want to have to send him after each enemy mob individually when I'm supposed to be busy healing the rest of my group. I don't mind sending him in the first time, but if you send him after 1 mob in an encounter group, and the rest don't attack him, or me, because the tank is doing his job, he finishes off that one mob, then igores the rest of the battle until and unless one of those conditions is met, or I send him in again. I have to assume most of these companions represent people smarter than that.