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Trooper Animations

ricesteam's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 10:13 AM | #1
I've just recently returned playing this game and I was wondering if the Trooper animations have been fixed to match the animations of the Bounty Hunter.

Llama-Eight's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 11:20 AM | #2
Yes, they have. Mortar Volley now starts doing damage a lot quicker than it did (not quite instantly) & is comparable to Death from Above, Grav Round now has a "time to travel" to the target (it used to hit instantly) to match Tracer (?).

ricesteam's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 12:16 PM | #3
What about resource management? I remember reading somewhere that the BH is better at resource than Trooper. But that was awhile ago. Is the trooper aligned with BH in terms of resource management?

af_raptura's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 02:02 PM | #4
As far as resources go, if you work out all the math correctly, the bounty hunter has a very slight advantage with resource management. In practice, you don't really notice it. I have a powertech (50) and a vanguard (43) and if I play them with the mirror specs, the only thing I notice is that maybe as the trooper I have to use recharge cells very slightly more often (maybe once every 100 fights), but that is probably because I am more comfortable with the 0-100 increasing heat system instead of the 12-0 decreasing ammo system. If you like the trooper, play it, it is not mechanically gimped compared to its bounty hunter mirror.
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As for the skill changes to benefit pvp likes of the fly by damage reduction they suffered and reducing focused defence by 200% is a joke they are affecting pve to benefit pvp.

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01.15.2013 , 05:31 PM | #5
I'd love to see someone proving something based on a graphical display which may be totally irrelevant.

For all we know they use the same formula and round off to display ammo/heat but still have the same regeneration under it all.

It would after all be the logical solution rather than have two totally different formulas for classes meant to be mirrors.

As far as I'm concerned any claim of it being different is down to people not being used to the slightly different display.

Both classes in dps contests have matched numbers so its all down to skill.

The only difference I'm aware of at the moment is that commandos threat drop is off the GCD while mercs is not.
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