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Experienced Rper looking for Heavy Rp guild (republic)

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Experienced Rper looking for Heavy Rp guild (republic)

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01.14.2013 , 02:47 AM | #1
Hey all, as the title says, I am an experienced rper searching for a Republic heavy rp guild on the Begeren Colony server.

How experienced, you ask? Well, I have been doing forum rp for the past 11 years. This is the first mmo I have ever rped in, however, but I have been doing so since launch. My experience with forum rp has taught me the rules of rp, however, so I've had no problems at all adjusting to this slightly new form of rp.

And what about my rp style? I vastly prefer cantina style rp as opposed to running flashpoints and rping them out. In part this is because the offered choices for conversation tend to not be at all what my characters would say, and in part because I am really really terrible at typing while I move. I have a variety of characters, ranging from the quiet to the friendly and the good to the bad. There is a brief rundown of my various characters at the bottom of this post, for anyone who wants to know.

If your guild has an overarching storyline and none of my current characters fit into it, I am totally willing to make a new one specifically to fit in. Just let me know.

As for my playing times, I can be on all day Sunday and Monday until however late in the evening. I currently work 12:20 pm to 9:00 pm pst, Tuesday through Saturday, so I wouldn't be able to be on until about 9:40 pm pst on those days, but once I am on I will be able to be on until however late. I can also get be on before work if I know ahead of time.

Anyways. Please, if you would possibly be interested in adding me to your guild, hit me up!

Current characters:

Nial: I would consider this character one of my 'mains'. He's also my most mentally messed up character. He tends to be a bit of a jerk, is abrasive, has commitment issues, fear of abandonment, and ptsd. Oh, and he's an alcoholic. He is my obligatory, fun to play, 'emo' ex-jedi toon.

Jakyr: Another main, this guy is my sociopath. He's got a love of two things in life: Fun drugs and playing with people. He's also something of an ***, though in his case it is entirely intentional as he simply likes to be as aggravating and insulting as possible to see how people react. He is very self-serving, with everything he does based on how it benefits him, and he has an 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality about people. Another ex-jedi character.

Jin'ski: A non-jerk! He's friendly and upbeat, with a tendency to talk in a stream of thought form that often seems confusing. He's quite the optimist, tending to believe the best of everyone and always willing to give people a chance. He also has a habit of giving people nicknames. Jin is a Jedi, and something of a diplomat.

Kaitalli: A jedi padawan with a terrible stutter, Kai has a bit of a social phobia. As a healer, he is excellent, particularly when it comes to surgery, but tends to tense up outside of the med bay. He's friendly, but somewhat withdrawn around most people until he gets to know them.

Vasch: A retired CorSec SpecForce Major, he is quite reserved, saving his words for things that need to be said rather then meaningless chitchat. He excels in hand to hand combat, is pretty good with a gun, and is something of a galactic hobo.

Nikai: A friendly smuggler with a bad habit of flirting with everything. He's someone reserved, in that he won't often talk about himself, and tends to pretend he is a lot more self-serving then he really is. He is utterly loyal to his crew, or those he decides are honorarily in his crew.

I do have a couple other characters, but I do not have them entirely fleshed out yet and therefore have not listed them here.

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01.23.2013 , 01:19 AM | #2
Bumping this up!

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01.27.2013 , 11:35 AM | #3
Jedi Enclave of Coruscant would probably take your healer Padawan or Jin (we are brand new and plan to be Heavy RP with a splash of PvE later on... pm either Valrith (my main or mail me or Kyrrin my second in command... or just spam around I am sure one of my officers will find ya :P ) check out our site if you like as well