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Top PVP Damage

Luckeyduckey's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 08:31 PM | #21
In lowbie PvP (Since I haven't hit 50, and there are lots of other 50s on this thread, so don't hate :P) I generally get around 300k playing objective (Level 38 Madness) and could get more if I didn't play objective. I'm not in artifact min/maxed. Just use wrath procs on crushing darkness and if you have more than 4 seconds on the CD of Crushing Darkness, I personally use lightning strike while moving with wrath proc. Deathfield as much as possible and get as many targets as possible. Force Lightning everything, and tab doting tanks and their guarded players. It's quite easy, if you don't facetank and use medpacks + unnatural preservation as much as possible.

Have fun!