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Centurion Order(Republic)

lodanika's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 02:07 PM | #1
RP structured PVP guild

Power Class ranks
Majestor-Leader, Cordyn
Praetor- Co-leader, Promathia

Social Class ranks
Master Centurion
Centurion Knight

Website: N/A

We are an Rp, pvp guild in the making, currently looking for masters to take part in our RP plot for the guild, majority of us are just casual Role-players and pvp'ers, we also do social runs, and gear runs, and also world PVP. *Non Rper's are welcome*

Rules OOC: Respect other layers, no cursing inside /say, no excessive cursing in /g

RP plot- The guild RP's based on the guild structure
  • we greet each other with /bow
  • Social class report to the Praetor, they are never to approach the Majestor directly
  • Weekly recruit ceremony
  • Annual Power class promotion
  • Young-ling and padawan program

For more information you may Contact Praetor Promathia, Alijandro, Damato, Cor'belik via whisper or inbox or send your character Bio via inbox to Promathia

DarkForcePowers's Avatar

07.27.2015 , 06:37 AM | #2
RP guild on a RP server.....Do you RP?