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Need Help From High DPS Sages

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Need Help From High DPS Sages

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01.18.2013 , 04:05 AM | #11

I go with this build. My gear is a heavy mix of Rakata, War Hero, Elite War Hero and Black Hole for now, as an average assumption I would say that it's maybe "Rakata+" (Also using Rakata Willpower Stim). Over 5 minutes on the Gav Daragon Operations Dummy my record at this point is 1550 dps. With this build, and with a high enough crit chance (maybe around 35% while buffed, don't remember exactly) I don't have to pump up my Force even once. It's a bit RNG at times (crits bring Telekinetic Effusion), but inside the 5 minute timeframe I cannot run out of Force, although sometimes it's close, and sometimes I might be almost at 50% at the end.

I start my rotation by applying Weaken Mind, then hit Mental Alacrity and pound 3x Disturbance, Turbulence, Mind Crush, (Telekinetic Throw if proc) and more Disturbance until MA wears off. If I proc Telekinetic Wave, I try to use my Force Potency on those occasions. I throw a Project in there sometimes and cast Mind Crush only if all others are on CD and have enough time to reapply Concentration at 3 stacks after that with Disturbance. I try to time applying Weaken Mind as accurately as possible so that it doesn't "overlap" or that it doesn't wear off. Only use Turbulence when Weaken Mind is ticking.

One thing to understand is to always try to use instants AFTER a cast or a channel, it's more efficient on the GCD's that way.

Tremors are way too RNG for us to be able to control it, but for the best runs I get a stack of 3 almost instantly (during the first MA) and it never gets to wear off. It's luck, though.

When I was a bit less geared (full TK was doing ~1400 dps) I tried out several hybrids, one of which gave me maybe 50 more dps. But I couldn't replicate it on my current gear, and I don't like the way the hybrids or full Balance play out so I'll be sticking with Telekinetics which is fun to play.

//rklm, not to nitpick or anything, but why exactly are you taking Kinetic Collapse in favour of Telekinetic Defense (leaving Mind's Eye I can understand, although I personally like it)?
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01.18.2013 , 07:41 PM | #12
It was only a DPS test, those 2 points can go to Mind's Eye or any other skill you want
By the way try to keep Mind Crush in CD, in my parser it was 9%~ of the total damage if you use it properly it can help you get better DPS.