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Experiences on downgrading to premium

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Experiences on downgrading to premium

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01.13.2013 , 06:55 AM | #1
Hello. I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could all note down our experiences with downgrading to premium. If a thread like this exists already (I tried to search but couldn't find one) then I'd appreciate being pointed to it. In any case, I thought it would be nice if we could keep discussion to a minimum here (I realize I can't of course force it, but maybe you guys see that it'd be easier to find stuff on this thread that way), and just post our experiences with how the downgrade process works. For myself at least, I found the actual mechanics of how the downgrade works to be insufficiently documented and nobody really seemed to know for sure how things work, so maybe here we could have some kind of an authoritative source.

As an example:

I downgraded to premium today and noticed the following.

* The login choose character screen has all characters automatically set inactive if you haven't been premium before. You have 6 character slots per server and 350 across all servers, if you haven't bought any character slots from the cartel market, that you can activate to play them. This is fairly well known stuff. One of the things I ran into was that sometimes one activation doesn't take and you have to activate and confirm a second time, and this may consume an additional character slot. For example right now on one server I have three green Play triangles for characters and below it shows 5/6 character slots used. This is not fixed by changing servers or quit/restart. If others have the same problem, I encourage submitting bug tickets.

* Crew skills. Upon your first use on a character, you get a popup window where you can select which two crew skills you want to keep active. You can close this window to make the decision later.

* Artifacts. Oranges are not subject. Purples are subject. Purples that you already have at the time the sub goes premium are flagged as usable, with the text "Previously authorized by subscription" appearing on their mouseover. So there is no, "purples are unequipped upon logon", nor is there a "purples stay on if you keep them on, but if you take them off you can't put them back again". All purples you have at the unsub point are usable, whether equipped or not, as far as I can tell.

* Crew customization. The same seems to apply as for artifacts. At least those that you have equipped at the unsub point are flagged as permanently authorized. You can take them off and put them back on, even if you haven't purchased the crew customization item. I didn't have any unequipped customizations on hand to check if the same applies to them, but I would guess that if inventory-sitting purples are authorized then inventory-sitting customizations probably also are.

* Rest xp. Upon logging in a character, all rest xp is wiped, and presumably permanently.

* Commendations. My character that had commendations over cap did not get the excess ones wiped, but instead I have 36/20 and 40/20 commendations on various planets. I didn't try yet, but I assume you can spend them all as premium, and can't earn new ones until you're under the limit.
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