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Consular Story

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02.24.2013 , 02:44 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashenic View Post
I actually wanted to make a post similar to this topic since I recently finished the Consular's storyline.

I personally was extremely disappointed by the ending of the story. Maybe my expectations were misplaced or maybe too high, but it put it into one word, it was "meh". Like yourself, I heard how bad the story was, but I was adamant on rolling a Jedi Shadow. I love what they represented, lore wise. Not to mention this little paragraph from the class page hyped me up:

Jedi Consulars always seek to grow their knowledge of the galaxy, in understanding of themselves, and in comprehension of the Force that binds it all together. The commitment to this pursuit gives Consulars an unrivaled capacity for clarity in situations otherwise shrouded in darkness. However, this same dedication can also prove to be extremely perilous—inviting Consulars to explore paths that are better left untraveled. Some of the Jedi Order’s greatest minds have been seduced to the dark side through purely academic inquiries. The Consular knows the pain of this temptation as a battle-hardened warrior knows the throbbing of an old wound.

Before they can dispel the darkness in the galaxy, Jedi Consulars know they must first come to terms with the darkness within. There’s no avoiding the temptation to take shortcuts or even to use their knowledge for personal power; Consulars must constantly check their own motives. When tempted to step onto the path leading to darkness, Consulars must remember the tormented fate of the Jedi who have passed that way before. This is the only way they can unite the Jedi Order and the Republic and rally the troops to rescue the galaxy from the menacing darkness.

So, with that, I rolled a Consular. Now this is what I had issues with...

The Prelude and Chapter 1 was great, I didn't have any real problems with it. It was balanced in the whole Consular seeking hidden knowledge and solving mysteries of the Force and using diplomacy to solve problems, if you chose to. Not to mention the way it ended for me as a light sided Consular, I was psyched for what's going to happen after Chapter 1.

Then came Chapter 2 and disappointed...


This pretty much ends my rant about Chapter 2 and 3. It just seems so disconnected from the class and anticlimactic from Chapter 1. Your decisions seem to make almost no real impact at all in this story after that.
Check again , your job is not only study the Force but also play diplomatic and be a tactician. If played other classes only act 2 and 3 is linked because it include in the Rep or Imp, Act 1 is isolated from every stories.

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02.24.2013 , 02:48 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by ClosingRacer View Post
Meh I hate the Consular story .. but I quite love the Inquisitor one along with the Jedi knight. The warrior it so far seems your just Baras (Fill in the blank)

That is depend, playing Jk i feel like an assassin for the Order, hey go there and kill this Sith Lord, go here and stop this Darth. It's has no impact at all for the republic.

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02.26.2013 , 12:46 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by YaanaOhtar View Post
That is depend, playing Jk i feel like an assassin for the Order, hey go there and kill this Sith Lord, go here and stop this Darth. It's has no impact at all for the republic.
I prefer the Consular to the JK just because the Jedi Knight feels..overdone. I get that the JK is the 'classic hero' story, but it gets a bit silly, and right out of the gate no less.

The Consular fights her way through Flesh Raiders to retrieve ancient holocrons containing the wisdom of past Jedi Masters and it's "Good job Padawan, on to the next assignment." This is fine.

The Knight kills off a handful of Flesh Raiders and it's "Oh my God! Such prowess! You are clearly destined to be the greatest Champion the Order has ever known!"

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02.28.2013 , 04:15 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Gekido View Post
I have noticed a lot of people condemning the Consular story and I can't understand why, am I missing something? I personally enjoyed Chapter 1, it's more of a behind the scenes story than, say the jedi knight story
Gekido - I am at level 46 as a Consular Sage and only at 25 on my Smuggler and Knight but I can tell you my dislike with the story. It's isn't that you are fighting behind the scenes or anything like that (not for me). It's just that you seem to be playing the role of psychologists to Jedi Masters (becoming weaker) but there seems to be no benefit from the Chapter 1 part. You kill Lord Vivicar get your Barsen'thor title and that's it. That story is done (you don't get your power back from the weakness just a title) it's like that never happened and move on to a new story which is unrelated. You don't get the Jedi Masters joining you on your future story and it seems like while they are impressed with your abilities you're just not that important.

In addition, in my opinion the Consular dialog options are too naive.
I do have to say that Chapter 2 gets a little more interesting and that helps because you are doing some Diplomatic stuff.

The smuggler storyline maybe a little more shallow but it also has more intresting dialog and follows more the Han Solo type attitude. The smuggler wants to get the ship back and once the ship is back well do what smugglers do (smuggle stuff and make $$$) the things that happen in the storyline don't really matter (to the smuggler). As a smuggler I'm always about the credits (even though I help the NPC) and don't get in my way.

To me the Consular seem to be a bit hipocritical always working to get recognition but not really acknowleging the fact that he/she is looking for recognition. Some of the characters are annoying like Tharan ("Did I tell you I'm a pacifist" - yes dude shut up and heal me). Qyzen I like but his point deal gets old.

Zenith and Iresso I could care less about and Nadia actually has some character built into her storyline. If you play a female Consular Iresso actually tries to flirt with you which is lame.

Nadia is force sensitive (the only one in the group other than yourself), lost her dad, has a lot of stuff on her plate and admires her master but she's a bit of a loose cannon (not really learning the Jedi ways or at least I see it that way). From the Consular perspective Nadia is probably the most interesting companion.

I'm still on Voss (which so far is the most intersting part of this storyline) but the fact that the Consular had an infiltrator on her ship and it was ignored by the Consular or dismissed as nothing (Nadia knew there was something wrong there) and overall naivete of the Consular is a little annoying.

However, you should enjoy the storyline or the game for what you like and regardless of what I say or what anyone else says you should make the game yours and enjoy it for what it is (a game).

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03.05.2013 , 04:53 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by eldefail View Post
I can understand why people might not like the consular story. It's slower and real "behind the scenes", whereas many people really like to play the hero or at least make a larger impact on the story.

I'm playing my consular light side, but it's my understanding dark side consulars have a problem with their dark side choices simply not impacting their story in any reasonable way. In other words, they are arbitrarily behaving like douchebags and nobody seems to notice or care. It shows a lack of polish and attention to detail.

LS/DS choices really don't seem to impact any story in any meaningful way

I've played the bounty hunter and sith warrior to completion and loved both stories. I've just started Alderaan with my Consular and I love this story so far.

I had hoped I'd get to play the diplomat a little more, but it really doesn't seem like that's the case so far. I'd also have liked to see the shielding take a more obvious toll on the character as time goes on.
I definitely agree with you. I'm playing my first character as a Consular, and the choices don't seem to have any meaningful impact on the story. I'd like such choices to have a prevalent impact, to the point that each story draws to a different conclusion depending on the overall disposition of the character. But, perhaps sixteen possible outcomes would be too much? I don't think so, though.

I'm apparently drawing near the close of "Chapter 1" of my current story line, with another several planets to go, and I've been playing for three months. So, let's say another month to conclude this one, and heck, I could stay busy just doing stories for five years! Hah; I probably won't be interested that long, but I thoroughly enjoy the game (one must in order to devote an hour a day to playing it) so far.
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