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Not Happy Jan! Ticket #7738789

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.14.2013 , 11:27 AM | #41
Bessodd i have now also added the approximate time for the deleted items on the shadow and sentinel. Thanks alot.

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01.14.2013 , 01:17 PM | #42
Any CSA's Able to give me an update please on my ticket? #7755156

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01.14.2013 , 03:47 PM | #43
Seems like i will never get my restore.......Been trying to contact on phone while others have been getting restores in 2, 3, 4 days, while its almost 5 for me...I would appreciate if a CSA would look into my ticket and perhaps help me get my request?

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01.14.2013 , 07:17 PM | #44
It also seems both my restored toons are now suffering from the bug that only my shadow was orignally experiencing. and the workaround failed to work. It still says i have 4 active characters, when i only have 2 (my original Guardian and Sorcerer, while my assassin and shadow will not log in or activate.)

EDIT: Sorry, The work around did work, I just did it the wrong way around (deleted then renamed) Its a bit of an issue but atleast i can play my toons, So thank you

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01.14.2013 , 08:05 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Beesodd View Post
Hi there, I've looked into this, and it appears to be a couple of odd cases, possibly bug-related.

Wrathlan, you should have received a response to this ticket, but we have had some reports of responses not being visible. The response you should have received is as below:
No the ticket is blank I still see nothing.

So my problem is that my guild which is just for the accounts in my household is still marked as free-to-play even after I subscribed.

So after reading the ticket here and the FAQ even if my leadership is restored once I end my subscription I will lose leadership and have no control over the guild.

As for Giftz and Lootz characters I moved them both to the fleet at level 1 back in the day where you could grab the shuttle without doing any quests. Just remembered that when I moved to aussie server I piled all the items onto 1 toon. I had made the new mules but never leveled to get em to fleet so my bad on that 1.

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01.14.2013 , 08:49 PM | #46
Foolishly I just bought guild bank access for 1 account only to realize that all toons are recruits and cant see anything in the guild bank. Returning to swtor in anticipation of the expansion has been a terrible experience, free-to-play or not once I subscribe there should be no restrictions.

I have spent dozens of hours collecting alot of crafting mats which are all in the guild bank. My enthusiasm for the game atm is about zero, very disappointing.

Athlan = Wrathlan

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01.15.2013 , 07:53 AM | #47
Is this matter being followed? My guild is still free-to-play, but i am paying-to-play