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Looking for a late night Republic Guild

Koravan's Avatar

01.12.2013 , 02:41 AM | #1

I am back after about a 10 month hiatus from swtor. As i am getting back into the game i notice my old Imp guild disappeared. So i decided to jump on the republic side and start fresh. That being said i am looking for a guild that is active at night 12 am to 4-6 am CST and weekends. I like to PVE and PVP as well but most importantly i want to find a guild that is social and fun to be with and play with. I tend to gravitate more to casual due to my time constraints of work. Not to say that i would not like to see more endgame content when i get there, I just don't have the time to dedicate to a progression or hardcore guild. (been there, done that, have the tension headaches to prove it)
I guess my ideal guild to find would be as describe above and that is not to strict nor to lackadaisical. A guild that has structure and teamwork but also elements of "hey its a game lets have fun!" with a dash of being able to shoot the breeze, joke around, and even GASP say a 4 letter word without the world crashing down around you but also know limitations to such behavior.

Sorry if that was a little long winded. I am just weary of guilds who say there large and active and social and when you get in it was nothing but a ploy to pad the numbers to give the GM a bigger e-peen or you get invited and its the largest lone wolf pack in the universe.

Feel free to contact me on my Republic main Kish'hada or Shri-lan for Rep side and Tor'del and Shobba for Imp side in the rare chance i am on there.