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The Unlikely Endeavor

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01.11.2013 , 10:36 PM | #1
This Is a little adventure I thought up on a long car ride home I hope you enjoy.. This is the first installment and there will be more to come

The Unlikely Endeavor
Tycke sat at his table alone twirling his glass of Corellian Ale. Corellian Ale was expensive in this part of the galaxy but it was worth it to the young smuggler. It gave him a little taste of home. It brought back memories of his beautiful home and how he fell asleep every night blaster in hand, to the sound of boltfire ripping through the city and woke every morning to the sound of boltfire ripping through the city.

He sighed after the Ale slid down his throat. He set down the Ale on the table just as someone sat down at his table. Tycke looked around the Cantina as if waiting for some else.

"Sorry bud that seat is taken" Tycke said calmly "Really? well than I think your date bailed on you cause this seat has been empty for the last twenty minutes" the man said. "wht have you been keeping tabs on me?" Tycke said "Possibly" The man replied. Tycke shifted in his chair putting one elbow on the table and his other hand on his hip unhooking the strap holding his blaster in its holster.

"Listen, only two types of people sit alone in this Cantina.... Drunks and smugglers looking for work, and you look too smart to be a drunk" The man said calmy noting the shift in Tycke's motion. "hey man, you never know I could be trying to forget that lovely gal who stood me up." Tycke said smirking and easing back in his chair . "well make your proposition already, I bore easily."

The man tensed up a little bit. "Ok Hot Shot I think the actual client should explain the job himself. You can find him in this hangar." The man stood up and turned to walk away. Tycke checked his datapad to make sure he received the hangar information. "Well thank you Mr. ....." "You can call Haner" The man said then turned and left the Cantina.

Tycke stood up and clipped his holster back up and made his way to the bar. he set down his glass with his payment under it, nodded to the bartender and walked out. He adjusted his jacket as the warm stale Tatooine air whipped at his face. The harsh sand pelted his skin as he walked through Anchorhead to the spaceport. He never wore hats but it was planets like these that made him wish he did. "I hate this damn rock" he muttered under his breath. He walked up the steps into the spaceport and headed to the hangar. He took the elevator to the hangar his client would be waiting for him. The doors of the elevator slid open and Tycked stepped out ......

"Captain Tycke at your ser......" His voice trailed off as he froze in awe at the look of his client. " Oh you gotta be kidding me" He said as his palm met his forehead.
A little Jawa was sitting on some crates with his eyes fixed on his hands as he twiddled his thumbs. He looked up and his eyes met Tycke's. "oh no did he see me? could I turn and walk out?" The Jawa jumped up and ran over to Tycke. "Oh thank goodness you're here Captain Spike, Its terrible just terrible." Tycke loked down at the little brown robed figure with his glowing eyes and his little backpack. "Actually its Captain Tycke..."

"Oh its absolutely terrible they took it away from it was mine and its lost!!!" The little Jawa exclaimed while hopping in place.

"Whoa Whoa take it easy slow down. Lets start with your name" Tycke said calmly

"I am Fren, of one of the great Jawa families.

"Jawas have great families? wait jawas have families ??"

"Of course we have families and a hierarchy with laws and moral codes and ..."

"Never mind never mind, Who took what of yours?"

"I had a crate of my most precious things, well actually they were regular things but when I put my most precious item in the crate it changed the qualities of the crate...... I was bringing it with me but a man came and took the crate when I wasn't looking its on its way to Ord Mantel now ." the little guy was frantic and out of breath by the time he finished explaining his situation.

"Ok well why didn't you stop him?" Tycke said. He was actually taking an interest in this it seemed like there was more to this than a simple robbery.

"I tried but an imperial officer said it was official cargo"

"Imperials?!?! What the hell are they doing in anchorhead? well it doesn't matter I know a guy in Ord Mantel, we can head there. But wait how about pay little guy?"

"We don't care about credits just our precious item. Our one item that we search for our whole lives and when we find it we keep and protect it and keep it. Oh i said that already. I lost mine I'm a disgrace .....You gotta help Captain Spike, Here's what i can offer...."

The jawa pulled out a datapad from his belt and showed Tycke an amount .....5 million credits.

"Whoa oh oh ahem I mean yea that'll cover it. Lets get going."

The two of them got into Tycke's ship which was a few hangars over. They departed from the Spaceport and into space to start their journey together. Neither of them knew what kind of trip they were in for.
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