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Need some help deciding on which toons to play!

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Need some help deciding on which toons to play!

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01.10.2013 , 04:08 PM | #1
Warning: Long post ahead. Skip to bottom for TL;DR Version!

First of all, let me explain. On two separate servers (Jedi Covenant and Prophecy of Five) I have characters. On JC I have my 50 Sage, 20 PT, and 20 Guardian, as well as some cool Cartel Market items but not very much in cash (but I can make more easily via 50 dailies and such) but I also have a level 9 legacy (which was a pain in the butt to get to!) On PoF, I have a 32 Gunslinger and 38 Jugg, a decent amount of cash, but nothing from the Cartel Market, but my Legacy is only level 4 there. I know there is still no server-to-server trade nor free will server transfers (as in, I can't just move some of my guys to another server on my own).

My dilemma is this: which server should I stick to? I started on JC because a friend used to play with me, but he quit SWTOR and doesn't seem to have plans to return in the near future. I noticed that PvP in JC is more balanced (by that I mean I can find Pub vs Imp matches 99% of the time) versus PvP on PoF where it seems to mostly be Imp vs Imp (haven't tested Pub side thoroughly, but seems to be Pub vs Imp somewhat more). I like fighting the enemy faction more, but it is not a deal breaker. My main concern with the server is this: is there adequate population and is it more or less like JC's population?

I haven't seen what planets look like (pop wise) in PoF, but I can find out with ease, but is the server (on both sides) more or less as populated as JC? Aside from the key areas in fleet (PvP dailies, GTN) it seems a bit empty, but it may be just me.

My question is do I leave behind my one 50 and two 20s and trade for two 30+s (which I can get to 50/get adequate funding and such to without much hassle) and leave what ever I have there (mostly material) behind or just stick to JC? If server trasfers that allow us to transfer anywhere/more servers than the last one, I will be transfering all of them to one server, but for right now what do I do? Let me say I do quite enjoy ALL of my characters (hence the reason I have both a Guardian and Juggernaut).

TL;DR Version
Stuck between choosing a server: Jedi Covenant or Prophecy of Five.
JC has 1 50 (Sage) and 2 20s (Guardian and PT) with cartel market stuff and level 9 legacy.
PoF has lvl 32 (Gunslinger) and 38 (Juggernaut), nothing from cartel market, and level 4 legacy.
Need to how much of a difference exists between PoF and JC in terms of population, PvP/Group Finder/etc. Queue times and the like.

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