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New Skip Tracer pack's same old junk

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New Skip Tracer pack's same old junk

Nystian's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 10:40 PM | #1
With the plethora of other bugs / issues plaguing this game this might seem a minor thing but I still wanted to express my disappointment in the cartel markets newest pack “Skip Tracer”. The advertisement for it is “A unique collection of items found nowhere else”, yet it should read “A couple unique items found nowhere else & a ton junk from all our other cartel packs”. I made the mistake of buying 6 of these “new an unique” packs an received 3 of the covert armors and 3 Sand devil mounts as my rares. As I said its a minor thing compared to the other things plaguing the game, but I still wanted to express my dissatisfaction and to warn others who might waste their money for the same old junk.

rmzeyzein's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 11:02 PM | #2
Just before they did the rollback, I was able to purchase 3 of the new packs (after them clearing the initial problems with the market) and to my discontent, after having read the same advertisement you mentioned, this pack contained nothing unique and was full of the same junk as found in the other previous packs. It was on my 2nd pack that I opened, I received two new item an Upper and Lower gear box plus some other negligible items. My 3rd box, I never got the chance to open it, as that is when they did the rollback that caused ALL of these items to be subtracted from my inventory along with the loss of my cartel points.

I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the false advertising of "unique" items in the box as well, as the first box clearly had none, and it was full of the same junk we have been getting from the beginning when they started these packs on the cartel market. Obviously, my main concern is getting my items/cartel points back - but I would not say that your concern is any less valid. They have an obligation to what they advertise and even if they make a mistake in their advertisements (which they have done in the past, ie: speeder ranks advertised to unlock account wide) they should honor their promises! Good post and good concern to mention!
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01.09.2013 , 11:03 PM | #3
I got the backflip emote
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Rahizm's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 11:13 PM | #4
My wife went ahead and bought both the new pack and the pack with the Revan image; got crap in return. A mount she already had, a companion customization that's bound already, but it's for the ship imperial droid (and she got it on a Jedi, go figure). Not a single gear item from the packs, which is plain stupid. Good side of the story: she bought it with complementary coins from her subscription. Bad side: she won't even buy that crap again, neither will I ><'

Adjust the packs to have more value and script/code/whatever you need to do to make the pack identify the faction and if the mount or whatever is already in possession.

aSpitefullRetort's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 01:14 AM | #5
Hmm as for the covert armour pieces, we could start a thread saying they dont look like the advertised art.....that worked elsewhere....and after the last debacle over gear that did not look the same as the "box" art, I understand the new packs contain gear not found anywhere else?....except in other cartel packs? haha unreal.

I'm glad somebody can actually buy cartel coins, I hope you folks send everybody in team NU2001 a postcard from Makeb..

Velenias's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 01:08 PM | #6
I was disappointing one of the packs gave me the invisible chest armor. Don't know why you can get that from the new pack when its so easy to get from the crime lords pack. You shouldn't even be able get it in the new pack. I have the same opinion with the ubrikki speeders, I just sold 3 of the ubrikki sand devils this morning that I got from the new pack. They are so easy to get in the crime lords pack that they shouldn't be included in the new pack.

hobbysmith's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 02:00 PM | #7
After timing out and my post disappearing I will try to be brief:

I agree, we should not be getting old items in new packs. Several of the packs that I opened didn't even have new items in them. Three of the packs that I had opened only contained old emotes, banners, ball toss, and mounts, and then more of the same sprinkled in the rest of my packs alongside new items, equaling up to 6 packs worth of old items. I've talked to someone that had no new items in 9 packs that he opened.

If we wanted items from the old packs we would buy the old packs. That only becomes a problem if you stop selling the old packs, but even then not really. If you flood the cartel packs with old items time after time, they lose their special qualities and value even more. I am not saying give me super rares in every pack, but at least give me new items. I would have loved any of the six new emotes in place of the dozen Intimidates and Menace that I already had a boatload of. If the next pack that comes out contains old items, I will not be purchasing any more packs, and will advise others to stay away from them as well.

Here are two lines of description from the Skip Tracer's Cartel pack:

"Each Pack contains rare bonus items found nowhere else. "

"*This pack contains Rare bonus items not found in any other Cartel Market Pack."

These descriptions are contrary to what I received in some of the packs. It is false advertising and unacceptable. I want to be compensated and for the issue to be corrected by either by fixing the description or changing the pool of items the packs give out to only new items.

All of that being said, I appreciate the time of the mods and devs in this matter as well as others. I know you are all busy, and I appreciate the time and attention. I do expect an answer, though, and for action to be taken. I have already put a ticket in.


Velenias's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 02:46 PM | #8
Forgot about the banners too. Have 3 of those on my sentinel(all from the skip tracer packs) that I probably wont even bother to sell because they sell for like 30 credits on my server on the GTN.

hobbysmith's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 11:05 AM | #9
Customer Service:

The ticket that I submitted regarding the situation I described in a previous post in this thread, #7713218, was closed today. I went into great detail describing the situation. It didn't have any response, just a big blank space. I expected to find some form of compensation. I looked at my cartel coins, my unclaimed items in the Cartel Market window, and my inventory. Nothing was changed, and I received no compensation.

Could I please get some help regarding this situation? If I put in another ticket, I'm afraid it will just get closed again without a response. This ticket was made a week ago.

Let me point out again a few of the descriptions of the product that is being sold in the "More Info" window of the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack:

1. Each Pack contains rare bonus items found nowhere else!
2. Two Rare bonus items with the chance of a Super Rare.
3. This Pack contains Rare bonus items not found in any other Cartel Market Pack

So if a person reads this description and buys the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack, what is it that they should expect from the Pack? I believe that a person should expect two(2) items, Rare or Super Rare, that are not found in any other Cartel Market pack. So do the following items meet that requirement?

Ubrikki Sand Devil
Ubrikki Crimson Crawler
Emote: Menace
Emote: Intimidate
Republic Banner
Imperial Banner
Ball Toss
Covert Torso Energy Armor (other people have gotten many of the CTEA, but not myself from the Skip Tracer's. The rest of the items I received one or more of.)

No, these items do not follow the requirements of the description of the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack. Therefore, I would really appreciate the compensation of a Rare items total worth of 6 Skip Tracer's Cartel Packs, because I opened 12 old items throughout 16 new packs. I would also be happy with 6 x 360 Cartel Coins = 2160 Cartel Coins.

Someone please put in the effort to personally address this issue and see it through.

Thanks for the time someone will take to help me out!

Vashandra's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 11:24 AM | #10
I agree, the actual content in these packs is ridiculous, its all coming from the same pool of crap as the first released packs despite the them claiming, (every time i might add) about the "not found in any other pack". I dont want banners and ball tosses and useless ship droid customizations, i want to see these "rares" you claim exist, and not just another reskined lightsaber crystal either....