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My concern about hacking not getting addressed

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My concern about hacking not getting addressed
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01.11.2013 , 04:33 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by WorldSecurities View Post
Phillip Holmes
I can't go in to a lot of details, but I can say that actions are taken where appropriate by our Terms of Service team and have been since the launch of the game back in 2011.

Would have more confidence in your ToS team, if various public legal sites displayed court cases being filed. Along the lines of: "EA reserves the right to seek compensation from you to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law."

Phillip Holmes
"We're aware of the speed hacking that is occurring in the game; rest assured we are continually making adjustments to prevent it from continuing; furthermore anyone that gets caught using it will have their account suspended and/or banned."

Look at post #2, before SWTOR deletes it, of the thread below:

Going to that site, and the whois provides to legal who owns it, you can read this (edited):
"I (G******) am releasing a free trial of my hack to registered users. All you have to do is sign up and download the trial! The full version will be available in the coming weeks with all features and the price is to be determined."

^ forward to SWTOR Legal? ^

On the bright side, I do believe SWTOR is "making adjustments", because the recent comments from that site are priceless:

"crashes to desktop"
"We are kinda testing the waters right now. We are pretty sure that Bioware has buffed up their security after all the recent commotion about hacking. We are sure that the program itself is FUD but they are still monitoring certain data like distance traveled over time."
"Sorry man, doesn't seem to work"

There were older comments but the owner deleted them.

So +1 Bioware.

But was Bioware responsible for this?
Jack alias G******, "Unfortunately we experienced a loss of information and all logins were lost."

+1, but slap on the wrist.

Phillip Holmes
I realize the lack of correcting the more public exploiters in the past has implied they have had no actions taken against them. My only advice there is not to take at face value the words of the people who deliberately cheat.

When we see the Court dockets, we'll believe Bioware/EA.

Did try to send much of this privately, but Customer Service circular filed it.
Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service, "In order to better protect your account, all Billing, Subscription and Account Security issues are dealt with via our Customer Service telephone support. You can contact our Customer Service team over the phone"

Try setting up some form of direct line to Security. It's a sign that a company takes security matters seriously.

And do look into the Electronic Arts (owner of Bioware) solution, PunkBuster.

With the Electronic Arts quarterly earnings call coming up, and many of the analysts literally a phone call away, your public get tough policy is a good thing.

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01.11.2013 , 05:18 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by Phillip_BW View Post
I can't go in to a lot of details, but I can say that actions are taken where appropriate by our Terms of Service team and have been since the launch of the game back in 2011. At the same time I've seen multiple exploiters be less than truthful in public about how no action is being taken against them when in reality any number of their multiple accounts might be suspended or previously permanently banned at the same time.


I realize the lack of correcting the more public exploiters in the past has implied they have had no actions taken against them. My only advice there is not to take at face value the words of the people who deliberately cheat.
Here's my suggestion. Treat those declarations as a confession, and ban those folks wherever they are identifiable.

Maybe you already do. I don't really frequent places where these boasting cheats do, so I don't know.

But you have two problems here-one is the security, the other is the vagueness of having to repeat "No, really, we ARE doing something about these guys. Don't listen to them."

Sometimes you need to be SEEN doing something.

All it will take is a couple of times of people squealing about how they can't BELIEVE someone took them at their word, and the empty braggarts will evaporate. That will allow you to deal with the substantive issues.

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01.11.2013 , 07:16 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by Rendolphe View Post
^ True.

We heard a lot of Ginger and saw him in vid. But I only see 1 time a hacker on PoT5. Ugly lag in PvP is another top priority that BW should look. Time to upgrade your Internet connection BW :P.

Please BW if you catch these hackers, hang them high on the fleet so we can all throw our flashy cartel ball on them or turn them into training dummy on the fleet. I would be the first one to use my Heroic moment and Force choke them with my sage.
lmao, I like this idea, that would be totally awesome and completely in line with the empire. Just hang all the hackers on the imperial fleet, be they imperial or republic.
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01.11.2013 , 10:14 PM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Cilas View Post
Ok, again you are referring to only one person. We all know who that is.

How many times would you say you've been in a wz and seen someone teleport? What I thought.
no I clearly used the plural to refer to multiple people. I only occassionally do warzone pvp now, but everytime I do it I see someone using a hack. Ive seen teleporters though not as many lately and most of the speed hacks on our server only amp up their speed a little. Its very noticeable when you run right on top of them from start and watch them pull away even when on the same line. Entire pvp guilds that use it and promote it on their voice servers. Its ridiculous.

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01.11.2013 , 11:27 PM | #65
First, thanks for responding.

Second, thank you for the recognition of the problem and the firm stance to work to curtail and/or prevent it in the future.

Third, any word on using /stuck in wzs being legitimate?

Fourth again thanks for popping in. Would love to see more of it.
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01.11.2013 , 11:36 PM | #66
Quote: Originally Posted by MadBernieSkills View Post
I've played at least 1000 matches, I've never seen something I was sure was a hack. The only thing I've seen is in huttball where someone was in the middle of the arena with the and all of a sudden I hear that he scored. That happened about 2 or 3 times.

Unless all the hacking is tiny changes, like 10% more speed or 10% more health or something, I don't think it is an issue at all. So few people do anything, it is not affecting the game.
Besides there would be a 50% chance they were on your team.
You know, that's an excellent point, you never hear people crying who were on the winning side lol, it's usually "I lost because of a hacker"

It's become a witch hunt tbh, I hear accusations being thrown around ALL the time on the forums and in the fleet on my server....this guy is a hacker...or that guy, blah blah.

I've played since beta and with as buggy and laggy as this game can get I honestly can't say for 100% certain that someone was using a hack, sure, there are suspicious things that happen now and then, but maybe we are going overboard a bit (and no, I'm not a hacker lol)

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01.12.2013 , 11:04 AM | #67
I would like to add to this conversation that SW:TOR's anti cheat does seem to work well. I have lost one account to speed-hacking via a 3rd party program which allowed me to move at insane speeds (space missions over in 5 secs, cross an entire world map in 15 secs). That account was banned. I NEVER ONCE used it for PvP or anything other than traveling faster than I should. I had a second account that was not connected via billing or information and I had the same software installed (although not used.) That account got a temporary ban (if i recall it was around 30 days).

Now I do want to say I have seen the other side of this conversation... that is to say: Many times in PvP a well played character (even a few of my own at times) can and is called out for "hacking." I have many screenshots of a player getting hit with smash for 6k and then complaining that it hit them for "20k," I have seen players pop transcendence or force speed or even the speed boost pickup on pvp maps and then an entire team complain about them "cheating."

We need to be careful as a community and understand that ALL game actions are recorded for review and any concerns about hacking are investigated by CS agents. We can make everyone's experiences better by reporting suspected "hackers" via the ingame system, HOWEVER I would strongly suggest that players do a little research before doing so. Parse your combat log if you died faster than you think you should, record a fraps video or take a screenshot of a players buffs to see just what is allowing them to move so fast. These types of actions will both make you a better player and keep Bioware from having to research unnecessary reports. In this way, the real hackers (if they do exist) will be found and dealt with.
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01.12.2013 , 12:11 PM | #68
The department of homeland security is keeping an eye on these hackers' shenanigans. An eye...
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01.12.2013 , 12:34 PM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by Cilas View Post
It's actually not that bad. Seriously. I don't know how many times I've heard people ***** about someone hacking when they are just playing really well. Hell, I've had people say the reported me for hacking and I obviously don't hack. I have only ever seen one hacker on pot5 and I think we all know who that is...
Agreed. I think it gets to a point that it's being used as an excuse. I play in wz's way more than a few times a week and haven't seen any suspected cheaters in quite awhile. People that "don't pvp anymore" because of the rampant cheating are just making excuses. It is nowhere near that frequent as being suggested.

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02.15.2013 , 02:00 PM | #70
None of this has stopped me from enjoying Warzones. You win some, you lose ALOT.