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Where in the HELL are my missing Characters?!?

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Where in the HELL are my missing Characters?!?

Terin's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 08:26 PM | #1
After the patch together, I have several characters that seem to have been deleted. They were characters transferred from my original server of "Shii-Cho", but because their names were taken, I never got around to re-naming them. Well, now they're *GONE*!!!

Get this sorted. I'm not asking, I'm telling. This is total BS, and I'm getting sick of being wrangled around, despite being a Subscriber, a Day-1 member, and a Collector's Edition buyer. This is *NOT* acceptable, and I'd better see my characters recovered, or there'll be hell to pay.

Fix this.

rmzeyzein's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 08:59 PM | #2
I don't know the specific issue you are having now, but if you remember, being an early sub like us, its not the first time they have deleted/lost characters or accounts. This entire day has been a total disappointment on SWTOR!

As I have also tried to convey in my many posts, tickets, and phone conversation with Customer Support (if you want to call it that) if anyone is tired of it more than anyone, it is pre-order, day-1, founder, CE buyers that really have had enough of it. We have invested, endured and patience has run out.

We have all lost character names, legacy names, have had to rebuild guilds, had to pay registration for guilds twice or more, endured force transfers and mergers (when some of us where happy where we were), equipment issues, phase, codex issues and so on and so forth. We are right there with you and EA/BW better heed our warnings this time, as I am thinking this is the final straw for us. Tired of being patronized and used as beta testers for a game we had to pay for to be apart of - yet they continue to stroke us for every dime they can while offering inadequate support and lacking expertise in their own field. It is sad, this game has so much potential, yet at this rate, I see it as a dying fad that all of us put a lot of faith into, thinking it was truly going to be something epic.
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