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Hanging on Logout

Xinjadu's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 08:03 PM | #1
today's patch was among the most buggy - but after months of buggy patches with obvious lack of quality control I am not going to rant or even complain all that much. Still ...

Now after I logout of a character after playing for a few minutes instead of getting the character screen that would allow me to continue, I get the character selection screen showing the last character played, but no interface at all, no buttons of any kind. Not sure why they added the little "play" buttons. Maybe they were trying to fix a crash (lol). Now the only way I can switch characters is to quit and restart the game. Brilliant.

Also, small thing, the unlock quick bar button on the quickbar is now just an arrow which does not change regardless of whether the bars are locked or unlocked.

It feels like from one week to the next new developers are being asked to fix content without being made aware of all the kludges in place holding the previously "fixed" content together - and so invariably they break it with the patch, then spend weeks fixing it.

What really pisses me off is broken cartel gear - that THEY KNOW IS BROKEN. Do they stop selling it? no. they take your money and when the customer realizes it is broken you find out that many other players already reported it. This is not only frustrating, but morally indefensible. How can you justify selling us a product that you know to be broken? There are words for that ...

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01.08.2013 , 08:36 PM | #2
My launcher hangs on logout/quit every time since recent updates, and when I quit, I get MSFT errors for SWTOR. Its been like that for the past few updates, I never use to have any trouble at all, now it crashes every time I log out - and my machine far supercedes the requirements for this game - Alienware 64bit, awesome AMD card, brand new with enough ram to run 50 million programs, but ironically enough, only have trouble with SWTOR.
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