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Yet another turn of the screw to Artifice

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Yet another turn of the screw to Artifice

SaberBladeUK's Avatar

01.12.2013 , 12:20 AM | #11
Most of the crew skills are being screwed like this in some way or another.

Artifice with Crystals and the new Cartel weapons. Cybertech with Speeders, Synthweaving and/or Armormech with Adaptive clothing (and Legacy/birthright/Inheritance), Armstech with Cartel weapons (and Legacy/birthright/Inheritance),

The only crew skill I don't see being negatively impacted by this is Biochem.

Ultimately it all comes down to people having too much money or methods of easily earning it (as a crafter with all these skills at 400, it's no problem at all) and these let people blow huge amounts of money by having a few rare things that people will want. It sucks, but I find Artifice is much more profitable by learning 26 and 27 schematics than worrying about why I can't make a green/black crystal or a red/orange.

The only thing I would like is the option to craft level 10 +41 crystals of the regular colours. I don't get bored of the normal colours, but it gets a bit old seeing everyone and their uncle running around in the cartel colour of the week.