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Character Analysis: Bossk

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01.08.2013 , 12:10 PM | #1
Alright folks am back with another character analysis thread, infact I MAY do TWO today so keep on the lookout. For now we shall be looking into one of the more under appreciated bounty hunters in Star Wars,


"You can't pay enough for a bounty hunter of my expertise."


Bossk was a trandoshan bounty hunter and held the title of monarch in the Qotile system. He was a frequent partner of Boba and Zuckuss, and though he loved to hunt and skin wookiees he would unknowingly aid in their freedom on the planet Lomabu 2. Bossk was born on Trandosha, being the son of the leader of the Bounty Hunter's Guild Cradossk, and he actually devoured all of his siblings which made his father proud of him and as was customary for a trandoshan began his career hunting wookiees which was typically suicidal by any other species and soon afterwords began taking on other bounties making a name for himself as one of galaxy's most feared bounty hunters.

Sometime later Bossk bought himself a YV-666 light freighter which he named the Hound's Tooth and continued his hunting, where soon later he accepted a job from the Hutt Cartel to eliminate Tyber Zann, but that would not come to pass as instead Zann hired Bossk tripling the price for his services compared to the Hutts. Following the battle of Talus, Bossk went on to hunt down rebel targets on the Empire's most wanted list though on Tatooine Bossk was subdued by a Rebel Agent along with backup, and was asked where the location of the facility where rebel prisoners were being held. Since he had already been paid, he decided to give the rebels the location though even after he was detained in Mos Eisley for questioning.

Later on Bossk being the heir to the Bounty Hunter's Guild, was plotting against his father for control. Bossk then went on a hunt with Boba, IG-88B, Zuckuss and D'harhan though he narrowly avoiding an assassination attempt by Zuckuss who was working with Bossk's father. Eventually the guild split into two, with Bossk being the leader of the Guild Reforme Committee. At a much later time, Bossk was one of 6 hunters to help locate and track down and capture Han Solo and company, grudgingly he teamed up with amateur hunters Tinian l'att and Chenlambec believing that they had inside info on Solo's whereabouts, though instead Bossk was shoved into a meat locker, the Hound's computer hacked and with the ship taken over was used to free thousands of Wookiees and delivering them to the Rebellion.

Quite sometime later after Boba's 'death', Bossk was tricked by him to get off the Hound's Tooth and have Boba steal the ship. However Bossk himself had an important piece of evidence from Slave 1, which would lead to another showdown with the other hunter on Tatooine in Mos Eisley, he refused to give up the evidence without money even with a blaster trained at his forehead. Boba then uttered the unthinkable words "You win" and transferred a large sum of credits into Bossk's account for the evidence, and its believed he then used these credits to get back on his feet into bounty hunting.

Years after the battle of endor, Bossk had retired from professional bounty hunting and he met up with Han on a space station over Ord Mantell who learning of Chewbacca's death rubbed it in the face of Solo which then escalated into a fight. The two were then put in holding cells, however when the station came under attack Han was allowed to leave but Bossk had to stay, the station was destroyed but just before that an escape pod jettisoned more then likely Bossk inside of it.


Bossk's primary weapon was a Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher, though he would also use a standard blaster and made use of thermal detonators and a flamethrower. On at least one occasion, Bossk improvised and used other beings as weapons, once throwing Zuckuss at Boba Fett in order to distract the latter. He also utilized a YV-666 light freighter, named the Hound's Tooth, as his personal headquarters. The ship was often described as having a repellent odor.





Thoughts: As said, Bossk is one of those under appreciated bounty hunters, yes he made appearances in TCW and he does have a good bio on him, but that doesn't mean he is appreciated by Star Wars fans. Hes a bounty hunter, there can be a lot more stories with Bossk, the galaxy is huge, and many things can happen.
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01.08.2013 , 04:23 PM | #2
I don't get why Bossk is so under-appreciated. He's a good Bounty Hunter. Guess he takes the backseat because of Bounty Hunters like Boba and Jango. I don't know. I've always liked Bossk.

Good read once again.
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01.08.2013 , 04:27 PM | #3
He's my favorite Star Wars character so I was just reading what I already know, though for people who don't know him well this is great.