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Asphyxiation is recruiting all roles and levels.

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Asphyxiation is recruiting all roles and levels.

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01.07.2013 , 05:05 PM | #1

- Asphyxiation - is currently recruiting all classes and levels. Players must be mature, must use mumble VoiP, and be serious towards either PvE operations content, or PvP ranked and non ranked groups.

We are good group to just chill with on mumble server and there is always content going on every day of the week.
TFB HM Mondays and Wednesdays 930 EST (Server Time)
EC NM Tuesdays and Thursdays 930 EST (Server Time)
Semi-Regular Guild Events with Cartel Store Prizes: Race around Imperial Fleet and as such

You should apply and use JTLights as a referral on the application.

For more information contact through whisper in game: deathnectar, elite, jtlights