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Who said PvP in TOR sucks?

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Who said PvP in TOR sucks?

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01.31.2013 , 11:37 AM | #41
And the pve page has 7000 threads, 80000 posts
But bioware likes to base all its balancing decisions on pve, so yay
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01.31.2013 , 12:09 PM | #42
Look no further than the PVP area of my "PVE" server, then go over to the PVE area, the only people that say "this is a PVE game, go PVP somewhere else" are the Carebears that can't stand that the player base doesn't want KOTR 3 and that everyone doesn't want to run around a fight the same computer characters ever day that do the exact same things every day and say the same things every single day .

The DEVS to, seemed to have learned a hard lesson that they overspent and overdeveloped the gazillion voiced NPCs that they want you to listen to and the big bad NPCs they want you to fight but dropped the ball on the most important part of any MMO, the PVP (they did the same with the 2nd most important part of a MMO, the economy).
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01.31.2013 , 12:34 PM | #43
People like to complain. No one wants to admit that the biggest issues probably lie between the keyboard and the chair.