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Best duelist 1vs1 class

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Best duelist 1vs1 class

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01.04.2013 , 10:18 AM | #11
Arsenal mercs

Urdenot Level 65 Sorc
Urdonught Level 65 Scoundrel

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01.04.2013 , 10:18 AM | #12
Bluntasaurus - Gunslinger - Ewoks Anonyous
Bluntskii - Sentinel - Ewoks Anonymous
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01.04.2013 , 10:24 AM | #13
mm gs or sab gs is pretty great 1v1....though it has been a really long time since lvl 26 for me so I'm not sure how good it would be at that level.
a good healer is pretty tough to beat at a duel as well...basic geared healer can send out 5-7K heals no problem, not too many dps'rs can say the same.
many moons ago I had a pretty epic 8-10 minute duel with my buddy Gotbeers that was a scoundrel healer. I missed one darn interrupt and it was over
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01.04.2013 , 12:39 PM | #14
If you're playing not to lose then a hybrid operative normally does well here. With sedatives and kolto probe, they can negate most damage. If your competition has no self-heals you'll just outlast them by chipping away at their health while you use every ability to restore your own.
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01.04.2013 , 12:45 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by grimshawsalex View Post
Hey a I have a lvl 26 gunslinger and i usually get pritty high in pvp but when i get into a 1on1 with another player i always just get burned, so does anyone know what the best class for 1v1 is?
Sin/shadow tank/hybrid spec will be first but also a hybrid tanky Jug/Guardian might be as well (vs melle specialy), but my second option goes for operative / scoundrel (they are deadliest if u play them well, even a sin can hardly kill them).

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01.04.2013 , 12:57 PM | #16
Assassin (from what people are saying IDK) but my Rage jug is not too shabby either. If I get white barred its usually over seconds later.

I think it comes down to who you are fighting and how well you play your toon more than just the toon you/they are playing.

I have also Soloed every class on my Madness Sorc and been successful. Dots, stuns and roots baby... BLEED FOR ME!
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01.04.2013 , 01:40 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by NuSeC View Post

I have also Soloed every class on my Madness Sorc and been successful. Dots, stuns and roots baby... BLEED FOR ME!

I have soloed many of class with my Sorc. They must think W.T.F. a squishy sorc just burned me down. A madness sorc is deadly in the right hands.

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01.04.2013 , 01:50 PM | #18
And by "burned you down" you mean took 45 seconds to kill you as I ran away twice to heal and used several GCD's while face to face to self heal and rebubble.

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01.04.2013 , 02:09 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by CharterMonkKent View Post
sins and conceal opers can go back in forth dueling but sins have a stronger skill set.

better question would be, which sin/shadow spec is the best for dueling?
Against lolsmash maras/juggs, hybrid survivability/useless spec like 24/17/0 is best. You'll take the lolsmashes for maybe 3200 instead of 4500 with the aoe damage reduction, you'll have the armor rating from darkness, but your only real big attack will be maul. With this spec, you'll be able to kill lolsmashers if you time all your cds well and have a good rotation, which largely consists of thrashes, energized shocks and mauls. Without the aoe damage reduction, you're going to be at 50% hp before you know it or can react in time, speaking from personal experience (especially if you have full min/maxed gear like I do and ~18k hp). You won't pull big pvp numbers with this spec, but you'll survive and win duels if you're solo guarding a node.

Every other class, best dueling spec is: 27/0/14, you'll be able to duel and wipe out every other class with that spec. Deathfield instead of wither will also give you more damage against vanguards/pts when they have their shield up, but even in those cases, usually best to cloak out their their shield wears off, then go back in to finish them off. spam deathfield whenever it's off cd, thrash a bunch (I usually get 1700-1800 thrashes), shock a bunch, then when you have 3 stacks of harnessed darkness, electrocute, recklessness, force lightning. Win.

You could probably use the 24/17/0 spec in general, but you're going to have far less overall damage in each map and it's a lot more reliant on mauls critting, which they don't often (I'll get maybe 1 5800 maul, then 4-5 1600-2400 mauls in a row). Also easiest to use this spec if you use the set bonus for 50 more force, since it doesn't hurt you as much if you spam maul even without the proc, whereas with just 110 force vs 160, you're going to run out of force fast.

but yeah, 24/17/0 against lolsmashers, 27/0/14 or 27/1/13 against everything else. You'll win duels against any class with those 2 specs 99% of the time. Just be careful when dueling operatives, or you can get stunlocked and lose 50% or more of your health in a few seconds.

Nerf Operatives.
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01.04.2013 , 02:11 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by AsiriusNazriel View Post
Annihilation spec Maras.
They use to be up there, but with nerf to self heals not anymore