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Analysis of the smashdemic

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Analysis of the smashdemic

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01.04.2013 , 07:39 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by fungihoujo View Post
The absurd part is that they pretty much did exactly that to commandos, ops and sages... In fact- because they have a healing tree they don't deserve to have a decent dps tree for pvp has been the exact excuse that marauders have been using for months to explain why it's fine to have these classes be completely unwanted in a dps role in RWZ.
I agree... 100%. And I also agree it does need to be toned down a bit considering other classes are gimped, but claiming its a tank class to justify a nerf is just stupid... Its like me saying a Shadow should have maul nerfed cause they are a healing class....

They actually should buff smash and move the sing/shoc proc to a non-force attack... If you smash w/o that proc you will soon see that it would be useless(especially to vig/ven specers) if they just nerfed it like they did with Sages....
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01.04.2013 , 08:13 PM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Thoop View Post
tank class and tank spec are two different things

guardians, vanguards, and shadows are all tank classes, that can use a tank spec tree. smashers are NOT tanks

the "DON"T NERF ME BRO" camp are trying very hard to deflect the real argument here away from the issues and towards the OP's poor choice in wording.

the fact that smash, as it is currently in game, is overpowered dose not change
Ultimately- it's a 5 person aoe, it can be used on a very short CD, it auto crits, you can get it and still have immunity after leaps making it impossible to counter- and it hits harder than any other aoe in the game, and most single target attacks as well. It is so OP that people are able to boost their effectiveness by ignoring balanced stats to buff up their surge and power heavily- and ignore crit. You end up with a spec that gains all the benefits of high damage and surge without needing a decent crit score- which is complete ******** because no other class can do that.

There is no sane explanation for why this made it in in the first place- and even less for why there is nothing on changing it.

And I don't want to hear you full of **** marauders saying 'it's easy to avoid, just don't clump up', after you spent the first four months whining nonstop about chain lightning wrath procs- chain lightning with wrath did half what smash can do.

'But you can shut down smash' You get a free full singularity- you can crush someone who doesn't have purge or hide it on someone full on debuffs- or simply accept a healer isn't going to get a purge off half the time because they're being chain rooted/interrupted/stunned/smashed and often have more important things to worry about against decent players- never mind that one can't get all 3 force crushes cleansed since there's so many blasted marauders/juggs right now anyway.

Or, you can go unstoppable and get an impossible to counter choke off after a leap. Your leap/oblit roots- so your smash when preloaded isn't going to miss ever.

As for shutting down- same could be said about a sorc- interrupt/root/stun force lightning- no CL wrath procs- easy huh? Sorcs don't even get CC immunity, and the hybrid's only root was short range on the KB- easy enough to simply force choke or mez through.

So no- you don't get to spend months talking about how a 4, maybe 5k due to the way adrenals worked back then mixed with alot of people had almost no expertise at all crit of CL- with 30-35% crit chance, not 100%- is the most OP thing ever until BW nerfs it....

Then start talking about an auto crit, 7k on full expertise, light armoured targets, just as hard if not harder to counter, aoe, on a short cooldown is perfectly balanced.

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01.04.2013 , 08:31 PM | #103
I have a 0/12/29 force sweep guardian that I just got done putting into full augmented warhero. It's almost laughable how easy the class is to play. Please make all AE instant, and hit for 8-10k (hits this high have been recorded for smash). That way when you run into a smash team you have an instant counter. We can call it the AE wars and completely ruin the game.
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01.04.2013 , 08:49 PM | #104
I'm so bored my brain is trying to escape out of my ear. It's simple, big ability, but you have to take some time to do it.
Also it's an instant ability, but again, takes some time to get it. If you stop this, this is negated for about 1 min. Then they start this again. Then have someone else do this. Or do something entirely different but still works. Kill the smasher This works really well to and this is simple because their squishy. Or just walk away, jump back, when they have 4 stacks of singularity, there going to smash then and probably there.After they smash get back to killing them. Simple.

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01.04.2013 , 11:22 PM | #105
All I gotta say is this, if they nerf smash they need to buff juggs single target damage because it's trash in comparison.
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01.05.2013 , 05:46 AM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by CharterMonkKent View Post

And no, rage jugs don't have high HP... Unreal how much you and your friend don't know about this game.
In this conversation its Intuitive that when we talk about "tank" we mean defense ratio vs other classes in pvp, so nothing to do with guard.
Just imagine a wz situation,:
Rage Jug with a stun bubble on him - a DPS glass cannon? lol: DDD

And ones more I don't expect there nerf, I expect upgrade for lacking classes. And yes, like a Sage I should say, that stun bubble first of all should leave before the AC's upgrade.
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